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Mass Effect 3 was shown earlier this week at Microsoft’s 2011 E3 Media Briefing.  During the briefing, it was announced that Mass Effect 3 will support voice commands given using Kinect, to move squadmates around. 

EA representatives also revealed that you’ll be able to use Kinect to control your Sims 3 Pets experience.  Four EA Sports titles will also use Kinect to control the action, including Tiger Woods, Madden, and FIFA.

This year, Microsoft is highlighting their Kinect support because of the 5 million+ units that have been sold through to the public.  Electronic Arts is the first company in the Microsoft E3 press conference to highlight their commitment to the platform.

Also shown was Kinect support within Future Soldier, the next installment in the Ghost Recon franchise.  Below is the official cinematic trailer for Ghost Recon , you can customize weapon by using hands and you can also play the game by body gestures , and the ubisoft also announced that their future games will be fitness based AKA Kinetic Supported , Here is the demo of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier in of their conference ,

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