Prolimatech,founded in 2008 is headquartered in Taiwan, led by a team of dedicated experts with 22 years of accumulated experience in the field of computer thermal solutions.Prolimatech stands for Professionalism exceeding beyond all Limits. We are here to challenge any limits that stand in our way to achieve what was thought to be impossible.
Prolimatech incorporates integration of the aerospace resource-saving technology and advanced heat conduction technology to create the best heat absorption and dissipation solutions while pertaining to the science of aesthetics.


About the Product


Today we will be reviewing Prolimatech Promilatech Blue Vortex 12 LED 120mm fan ,

Blue Vortex LED come in 120x25x25mm and is perfectly balanced between performance and noise. Who says you can’t have best of both worlds? Best of all, it is designed to work optimally with Prolimatech’s Megahalems Rev.C. So pick one up now! We promise you will be amazed.


So Without wasting any more time , lets jump into the review and see what this fan offer us in cooling .

General Specifications



(L)120mm X (W)120mmX (H)25mm

Bearing Type

Sleeve bearing

Rated Voltage

12 VDC / 9 VDC

Operating Voltage Range

6~13.8 VDC

Rated Current

0.3 Max.Amp

Rated Power

3.6 Max.Watt

Rated Speed

1600 RPM / 1200 RPM


72.67 Max.CFM

Noise Level

29.1 dBA

Net Weight

107.2 Gram


Terminal Connector(3-pin plus 4-pin molex)




Packaging and Unboxing


Prolimatech Blue Vortex comes in plain box with a little window so you can see the blades of the fan , It helps the consumer to get some idea about fan to some extent .Also the speed of this particular fan is 1600RPM ( rounds per minute ) is mentioned on the box .


At the back of the box , There are some specifications mentioned on it . Well its box of the fan , What you can expect 🙂

After opening the box , The following accessories are

  • 4 Fan Screws
  •  1 3 pin to 4 Pin molex adpater
  • 9V adapter for low speed ( 1200RPM )


Also included in the box is the Prolimatech Blue Vortex 12 LED 120mm Fan having a 3pin connecter which powers the fan and the LED light .

Closer look at the Fan


The Prolimatech Blue Vortex 12 fans is very good as compared to the build quality . The plastic body of the fan is very sturdy and does not have enough flex , which is very good and keeps the vibration out of it . Also it helps to run the fan at maximum speed.


The boundary of the Prolimatech Blue Vortex 12 is made of black plastic of very good quality as mentioned before . There are 4 led placed at the corner of the fan which turn on when the computer power button is pressed . The light is very good to light up a certain place . The fins are actually oriented and design in such a good way that the flow of air is excellent . The throw of air in or out of the casing is really amazing and you can actually feel it .

Testing and Results



Upon installing the fan in our computer rig , and testing it to its extreme by using a fan controller we got the following results .



In the end ( Conclusion )


Well all we have to say in the end is that , its not that much good fans as compared to aluminum series of Prolimatech . But if you are looking for performance to budget fan this fan will do a great job for you . We were amazed to see the RPM going upto 1602 upon testing which was very amazing to see . Also the sound level is not that much high that you are going to hear drums out of your system .

For this Prolimatech Blue Vortex 12 LED 120mm Fan , We recommend everyone to use this fan as its not that much expensive also you get 2 in 1 , First the performance , Second some lightening to show your stuff out of your computer chassis window .




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