ZOWIE GEAR is an innovative manufacturer of competitive gaming gear, founded late 2008 with a mission to develop the best competitive gaming gear available.
We are not limited by shareholders telling us what we can or cannot do. We are a free-minded company consisting of experienced and creative individuals, united in ZOWIE on a common ground; our passion for gaming. No boundaries. No compromises. Just gaming.
ZOWIE GEAR has no ambition to become the biggest manufacturer of competitive gaming gear. We just want to be the best. If we can develop products that will increase a gamers performance by just 1%, we will do it. This is our mentality.
Today we will be reviewing Zowie Gear C-GM (XL) Blue Mouse pad , So without wasting any time lets jump right into the review ,


About the C-GM


The ZOWIE G-CM offers its users with a consistent glide with medium to high friction through its smooth and even texture. It was developed as an alternative to the very popular and extremely fast low friction mousepads, the P-TF speed and the G-TF speed.

The G-CM features ZOWIE’s unique rubber base that ensure a firm grip on any surface with its excellent suction capability. Should the rubber base ever lose any grip, it can be easily refreshed by wiping it with a wet cloth.


Features of the C-GM


The features of the mouse pad are below ,


  • Smooth surface with a colorful potential, offering custom design possibilities
  • The smooth and even texture allows for a consistent glide
  • Newly designed rubber base offers increased stability on any surface
  • 100% compatible with all types of mice
  • Dimensions: 440 x 320 x 2 mm / 17.3 x 12.6 x 0.08 inch


Unboxing and Closer Look at the Mouse Pad 


C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad comes in a nice black hard cover box like most of the game pads usually come in this way . Also there is one small opening at the front so you can see the colour of the mouse pad  as well , which we think is quite a good packaging solution in this way the consumer can see the colour itself .

Moreover the product model is also mentioned on the box at the bottom .

The C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad is very beautifully made, First of all when we took it out of the box . It was pretty big mouse pad and if you have a small workplace then we do not recommend getting this however there are also other models of the C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad in small size too . The feeling of the surface is very smooth , Even you can tell it by just touching the surface with your hand

The bottom part of the C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad is also good . It provides extra friction with the table so that your mouse pad dont move while you are playing . However its not the sticking type of bottom surface , but we really like it because it does not get wear off by using too much .

Performance of the C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad


We tested the C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad by placing it on every type of surface like on the glass , wood and even on the the uneven surface like bed mattress . So there would be no problem in gliding your mouse over the mouse pad even if your on the bed with a laptop .
Moreover , the microfiber top cloth surface feels very good to your hand and palm , Also the quality of the cloth used in this particular mouse pad is very amazing . It would definitely protect those rubber feet of the high end gaming mouse , so you dont have to worry about getting them off soon .


In the end ( Conclusion )


C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad is not an ordinary mouse pad , which you have used for gaming . This particular gaming mouse pad have every characteristics which every gamer looks in his gaming gears . This mouse pad can not be used only for the gaming purpose but it  can be used for any purpose like for home usage or business working .


Moreover , the best thing is the quality of the C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad , we tried to peel of the fibre cloth at the top and it did not seem to even just peel of a bit of it . So this is the plus point that this will go very long through out your career .

We are pleased and glad to announced that Zowie Gear C-GM Gaming Mouse Pad receives award at TechTipsnReview , for the built quality of the mouse pad and the performance of the mouse pad while testing .


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