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September 4, 2012

A Rumor…


Well! you might have heard about the new upcoming product of Apple.Inc ‘I Watch”. If you don’t, that’s good. I browsed all night and searched for its reality. I found nothing, just few pictures of this gadget and videos on “Youtube”. Let me tell you something interesting, Apple.Inc doesn’t even announced about anything referring to this gadget yet. What i assume is that, its not what you all think, its a bit controversial. What i think people are making fun of you by showing you modified form of ‘I Pod nano”. Yes! take a deep look on it, you’ll find out. Those who posted videos about it are literally playing with your emotions, like they played with mine when i first watched the video. These are all applications greatness, you too can install them and make your friends fool by doing the same as you see on videos. Isn’t it funny? most of you don’t believe but its a fact. In case, if Apple.Inc announces this, i’m sure it’ll be a great thing for billionaires and us for certain. Not only they, we can also buy this thing by saving our pocket-money. Its not a big thing for Apple.Inc, they can make it, even more out-classier than we all see in pictures and videos. Lets hope for the best.

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