The device we were waiting for a long time, IPHONE 5 is in market my friends, as we all know, but rare to find now. It was announced by Apple.Inc on last Wednesday. Its a double credit for Apple.Inc, first they won the case against Samsung and second the most mesmerizing device, commonly known as IPHONE 5. With the most enthralling features, 4.0inch, LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen, slim and sleek design which is a “Charming Feature”. The mobile-phone introduced a new exciting feature, 4G networking, though it is a bit atypical in whole world. I know there are immense admirers of Iphone 5. I’m too a big fan of Iphone.

I don’t mean to hurt the feeling of our new generation who are Iphone lovers, but in view, Iphone 4s is better than Iphone 5.
Reasons: The only thing I see in Iphone 5, which are dissimilar from Iphone 4s are following

  • Display size
  • Speed
  • New feature of 4G networking
  • IOS

The reason why I prefer Iphone 4s is that, it is much more economical than Iphone 5. Almost all the other features are quite similar. We people prefer it just because of its bigger screen and fast speed or I must say 4G networking, which isn’t in many countries. Its just a friendly opinion.


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