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June 20, 2011

Microsoft SideWinder x4 Keyboard

First of all I would like to thank you Microsoft for sending us the product sample. Today we are going to give you review of the gaming keyboard from the Microsoft , Microsoft Sidewinder x4 keyboard . Lets see the overall view of this keyboard ,

Overall View

This keyboard’s layout is normal as the standard keyboard has that means no shorten key or short spacebar key , in addition to this the feel of the key press is a quite big change in x4 , its key feels like the keys of the laptop keyboard.

It also has multimedia keys , and some few more interesting features including the macros keys and the keyboard bank and macro record key , which we will discuss following .

Macro Keys

As I told before that x4 is from the gaming keyboard series of the Microsoft , therefore there are 6 dedicated and 6 alternative macro keys , This means you can perform task in games way faster from the keyboard , there is no need to click from mouse which take around couple of seconds .

Macro Record Key

Macro record key is new feature introduced in x4 keyboard to record macro keys while playing game , so there is no need to minimize and then set the macros . Just press once the macro record key to enable record mode on , then press the macro key on which you want to record macro , then perform actions you want to record and in last press the macro record key to save your action on macro key for future use .

Keyboard Banks

There are 3 keyboards banks , I will say that this keyboard has 3 profiles , each profile is fully customized , you can set different 12 macros on each 3 profiles according to you gaming experience . You can switch your profiles in game by just pressing a key .

Gaming At Night

A lot of us knows that , gamers usually play at night , so therefore there is excellent feature introduced in the x4 keyboard that  is about the backlit light . There is a dedicated key to turn on the backlit red light , this key can also be used to adjust the brightness level .

Antighosting Keys

The antighosting key feature may be new to some people and some may know it before , this feature allows you to press multiple keys at a single time , x4 allows you to press 26 keys at once .

Look At The Keyboard














At The End

At the end , this is good gaming keyboard especially the feel of the hand while on the x4 is so amazing that it cant be described in words , its action is excellent according to the price of the keyboard . We will give this keyboard 8.5/10 score.


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