Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Case Review

Cooler Masters , is well known brand for its casing and power supplies . Especially known by the gamers all over the world . Today we somehow arranged to get the review sample product from the Cooler Master itself. Lets see what they have done with the Cooler Master CM 690 II Casing ,

Overall View

While many chassis manufacturers made do in 2009 by tweaking or rebranding existing products, Cooler Master has continued to add to its every growing range of cases throughout the last eighteen months, with the results commonly reaching an almost uniformly high standard.

The HAF 932 and HAF 922 are both excellent when it comes to cool and expandable chassis. Meanwhile, the Cooler Master Sniper, while pricey, offered some unique and attractive features alongside typically solid Cooler Master build quality.

The latest addition to Cooler Master’s stable is more of a redesign than an entirely new case though, although the tweaks are more substantial than just a different paint job or extra few fans. Cooler Master has taken the aging yet still popular Cooler Master CM 690 and added a fistful of new features and improvements to bring it up to date.

About Appearance

From the outset we think you’ll agree the CM 690 II Advanced (which we’ll from now on call the CM 690 II) is a much more stylish case than Cooler Master’s aggressively styled efforts, such as the HAF 932. Unostentatious fan mounts are all that break the otherwise smooth steel of the side panels, while the curved plastic and metal-mesh front fascia give a much sleeker look.

Connectivity and Features

The roof mirrors the styling of the front, as it’s also heavily meshed due to two 140mm fan mounts beneath (one 140mm fan is already present). Toward the front of the roof, the mesh is replaced by solid metal. It’s here that you’ll find the front panel, featuring two USB 2 ports, an unpowered eSATA connection, a pair of headset mini-jacks, power and reset buttons (and corresponding LEDS) and even a button to independently control the front mounted 140mm fan’s blue LED lighting. This is a feature carried over from the CM Storm range of cases, including the CM scout and Sniper.

Drives Bay

What’s really unique about the CM 690 II’s roof panel is that it sports an exterior SATA hard disk mount, which is compatible with any 2.5in or 3.5in SATA hard disk or SSD. To use the bay (which will be hot-swappable, as long as you set your motherboard to ACHI mode), you just remove the cover plate and slide the drive onto the standard SATA data and power connectors – easy as that. The bay is a great idea, especially if you’re the guy (or girl) people go to for hard disk checks, or if you’ve got a stack of hard disks you want to use as external storage. The bay is clearly designed for temporary use, as the cover won’t slide back into place, even if a small 2.5in laptop disk or SSD is fitted.

Cooling For The Gaming

Both the front and the top fascias are removable to allow easy access to the fan mounts and drive bays beneath them, the front lifting free with a strong tug at the base, and the roof secured with interior clips. The front fascia is mercifully fitted with removable dust filter material (secured with bent metal clips) and hides a clever multi-purpose fan mount capable of housing either a 140mm fan (fitted as standard), a 120mm fan or two 80mm fans. This gives you plenty of flexibility to use the cooling hardware of choice. The two roof fan mounts are also very flexible, supporting either two 140mm fans or two 120mm fans, as well as an option for a dual 120mm radiator. And that’s not “we support watercooling” – we checked this, and while slimer ones are required, it really does fit.

CPU Coolers

The external fan mounts don’t stop there, with the left-hand side panel sporting two more of these multi-function fan mounts – you could use anything from a pair of 80mm to a pair of 140mm fans. Even the CPU socket gets some direct cooling, with an 80mm fan mount behind it on right-hand side panel. As with all Cooler Master cases, there’s a large hole in the motherboard tray behind the CPU socket – great for fitting CPU coolers that require backplates without having to remove your motherboard.

Interior And Exterior

Sliding the side panels away reveals the CM 690 II’s spacious interior, finished in the same, almost-powder coated texture as the exterior panelling. With two large fan mounts in the roof, moving the PSU mounts in the floor of the case and pushing the motherboard (and therefore CPU cooler) toward the installed 140mm roof fan and 120mm rear exhaust fan. Even stock CPU cooling should be rather good, then.

Just as with the exterior, the build quality throughout the internals is superb thanks to a reinforced and very solid motherboard tray and rolled edges on the drive days. You’d be surprised how often we open up cases and find a plate out of place, or a sharp edge waiting to slash our fingers, but this wasn’t so with the CM 690 II.

While it’s not removable, the motherboard tray has generous amounts of room around it for you to work in, and a whole host of cable routeing holes for tidying away unwanted PSU cabling. There’s plenty of space behind the motherboard tray too, enough even for a thick 24-pin ATX power connector, so with some patience it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve a really neat build. Cooler Master even throws in a handful of cable ties to help tame your wiring.

The tool-less drive bays are, as usual with Cooler Master cases, a delight to use, with the CM 690 II offering four 5.25in drive bays and six 3.5in drive bays, all with easy to use and high quality fittings. Even better is that it’s possible to completely remove the lower hard disk cage (and its four 3.5in bays) to expose two dust filter-equipped 120mm fan mounts beneath. You could even use another dual 120mm radiator here, or just further enhance the case’s cooling.

Mounted PSU

The floor mounted PSU is lifted off the floor of the case via four rubber risers, with a ventilation grille below. Cooler Master does include a dust filter for this mount (a necessity for a floor mounted PSU if you don’t want it to act as an increasingly hot vacuum cleaner) but it didn’t fit properly on our review sample. This is the only build quality issue from an otherwise flawless report.

Extra Touch

As well as all the usual bits, Cooler Master has also included a couple of little extras as well. There’s a 1.8in and a 2.5in conversion mount for those looking to fit an SSD of any size, and a beefy graphics card retention bracket that attaches above the expansion cards to support up to three separate graphics cards. The latter might be handy if you plan on moving the system much – either via courier or your car’s boot. It’s these extra touches that combine to lend the CM 690 II a feeling of completeness – this is a case that Cooler Master has built ready for almost any setup you care to mention.

Look Of The Casing































What We Say !

According to our views , this is great casing within budget of every one , it has two models one with the window panel and one without it .

As for the rating , we will rate as 8/10 as it is not a bad gaming casing .



Credits to Cooler Master , For sending us the sample product and to our Author Mohid Ali for giving us such wonderful review.

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