Today ZOWIE GEAR is proud to announce a partnership that showcases its continued support to the female gaming scene. Female gamers have to try very hard to be accepted in the community for their effort, dedication and skills, rather than just their image.

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ZOWIE GEAR respects and actively supports female gamers who are trying to break these sterotypes, which is why we have partnered with Coryn ‘MsSpyte’ Briere. MsSpyte is a Starcraft 2 player whose skills and dedication have impressed both the community and ZOWIE GEAR. A regular streamer with over 1 million views on her twitch channel, MsSpyte does a great job of interacting with the fans and is a player to watch throughout 2013, especially now that she has ZOWIE by her name.

Our partnership with MsSpyte will see her attending even more events to help her develop as a player. Having attended and competed at MLG Columbus, Anaheim and Raleigh in 2012, this year with ZOWIE GEAR in hand MsSpyte looks to progress even further.

“It is great to be in a position where we can support the gamers who really deserve it” said Alberto Duarte, Marketing Manager at ZOWIE GEAR “We spotted MsSpyte due to her positive attitude, hard work and dedication to improving as a gamer, regardless of if she was up against male or female opponents. We look forward to seeing her grow with us and develop her skills further”

“I am very excited to be working with ZOWIE GEAR because of their contribution to the gaming community.” said Coryn ‘MsSpyte’ Briere “Their professionalism, friendliness and flexibility has created a supportive environment for established and aspiring Starcraft 2 teams and players. I look forward to working with them and representing them at future events.”

Coryn ‘MsSpyte’ Briere’s gaming profile:

League: Masters

Race: Zerg

Birthday: December 21

Gaming gear:

ZOWIE P-TF speed mousepad

ZOWIE EC2 eVo black mouse

ZOWIE Hammer headset

ZOWIE Celeritas (MX brown) keyboard

ZOWIE Gear Bag (black)


How you got into gaming and eSports:

First game you played: The Chase on Tom Sawyer’s Island

When did you first make it into masters and how did it feel? Season 2. I felt accomplished, then immediately frustrated that I wasn’t top masters.


Favourite unit: Baneling

Favourite food: Sushi

Favourite movie: Good Will Hunting

Favourite game: Starcraft II

Through this partnership we aim to inspire and encourage more female gamers to play hard and be serious – because it’s not just a game!

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