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About the Product 

Today we are going to have a look at TRENDnet’s N900 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-692GR .The first router to support 450Mbps speeds on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at the same time. This router’s raw horsepower redefines wireless networking as we know it, to easily stream HD video through the home.Gigabit Wide Area Network and Local Area Network ports transfer wired data fast. Embedded GREENnet technology reduces port-based power consumption by up to 70%.


Specifications and Features 

The Gereral Specifications and Features are mentioned following ,

specs1 trendnet

specs2 trendnet



feature trendnet



Packaging and Unboxing

TEW-692GR  comes in medium sized box a. You can see the picture of the router on the front side as well as a small graph is given on the right side of the box to let you know about the speed differences using different interfaces .


TEW-692GR 1

On the back side of the box , there is a diagram showing that how you can create home network using this router . You can play games , Use laptop and desktop , Connect SMART TV to it at same time . Also there is labelled diagram for ports at very top of the back side . On the sides of the box , The Features and Specifications are also mentioned .

TEW-692GR 2

Once you open the box , You will find the following items included ,

-TRENDnet N900 Dual Band Wireless Router TEW-692GR

-User Manual

-User Guide Disc

-12V DC Adapter

-Stand for Router

-Ethernet Cable

TEW-692GR 3

A Closer look at the Router


TEW-692GR is very well made and the shiny glossy black surface is just amazing although if you have oily hands you would see some of stains on it . But still it gives a pleasant look . There are 3 antennas on the backside of the router which are fixed and they work on 5GHz Frequency . The 2.4GHz antennas are built internally .

TEW-692GR 4

On the front side of the router you can see a small WPS button which allows your device to connect to the router with just press of this button .

Also on the front side the LED status lights are present . From Left to Right , There is Power Light , WAN Port Light , 4 LAN Ports Light , 2.4GHz WiFi Light , 5GHz Wifi Light , WPS Light .

TEW-692GR 5

Also the necessary ports are located at the back side of the router . There is one WAN port and 4 LAN Ports. Also there is power connector for the 12V DC Adapter . There is a small on/off switch as well on the back side . There is one thing we are looking forward to see is the USB port for multimedia or printer sharing over the network . But Unfortunately , You don’t get any USB port in this router .

TEW-692GR 6

Settings & Management Webpage


In order to access the router settings you have to enter ” ” and enter admin as username and password which is default set . You will login into the router settings .

We found one thing not up to our expectation . The Web Interface is good but still not that much interactive as it should be. It could be a better one with some more added features and a better design . But for those people who don’t care and who don’t work around with settings . This would not be a problem .
Note that , At one single time Both Frequencies are working which is one of the best thing in this router that it can work and transmit signal on both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency . So You also get better speed and long range .


Benchmark and Testing 


The computer we will be using to access this router would be the same as our test rig is , But in addition to this in order to get the speed ratings in Local Area Network . We will be transferring DATA from QNAP NAS to our desktop using Ethernet and to Laptop wireless .

  • Intel Core i7 3770K CPU
  • ASROCK Z77 Extreme6
  • Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory
  • Kingston HyperX 3k 90 GB SSD
  • Seasonic 1250w Gold PSU
  • Gainward Phantom GTX660TI Graphic Card


trendnet benchmark

As Far as the signal strength goes , It vary from place to place . We tested ranges for both frequencies and the highest we could get with 2.4Ghz is like 30Ft which means it would easily cover a medium size house . Also with the 5Ghz we could catch the signals easily at 60-100Ft .

One great thing is that if you go far from the router it does not significantly affect the speed . So this is another great thing .


In the End ( Conclusion )


TEW-692GR is a great router if you want to use it in your office or at your home . It provides great transfer speed and good features like you can setup multiple SSID’s along with different password .You can both frequencies working at a single time . Also you get a better range with the 5GHz antenna externally fixed . Also the design of the router is very amazing , the glossy surface is just awesome .

On the other hand there are some things which we wanted to see . One of them is the USB port at the back , Which is very useful when you are in office or at home . The USB port can be used to share the USB printer with all the clients connected to the router or you can just plug the USB drive in the USB port and can watch your movies anywhere in side the home or office .
The Second thing is the interface of the web management settings page . It could be better . I still want to see a better design Probably GUI would be awesome but if not then atleast a better color scheme . Also more features could be added like , Client List , No-IP DNS , etc .


We are pleased to announce that N900 Dual Band Wireless Router TEW-692GR from TRENDnet receives Editor Best  Buy Award at TechTipsnReview for elegant Design , Great Performance , Excellent Features and Amazing Data Transfer Speeds .


Best Buy Award TTNR

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