Today we are going to bring you the review of the ASUS GTX 550TI DirectCU , the latest 3d graphic card from ASUS and Nvidia .

Overall View

While the release of the Geforce GTX 580 and GTX 590 are getting the headlines , one cant overclock the launch of the GTX 550Ti , a powerful card for casual gamers . Built around the cutting edge graphics technology and factory for extra performance , the ASUS GTX 550TI DirectCU top will satisfy most weekend video game warriors with attractive features.

Direct Cooler With Copper Flair

The card is built with ASUS award winning DirectCU cooling system and super efficient fan . The DirectCU cooling system use copper heatpipes , that touch the GPU core directly to improve heat transfer , while the fan above improves up to 20% cooler than reference cards under full load , the ASUS GTX 550TI DirectCU TOP graphics card offers fantastic performance and quality especially given the price.

Technical Details 

The ASUS GeForce GTX 550 TI DirectCU TOP graphics card comes with a huge 1GB DDR5 memory and is factory overclocked to 975 MHZ out of the box , offering an increase of 75 MHZ faster than default clock speed. There is , however , additional capacity to overclock it with Voltage Tweak Technology built in , for up to 50% better performance.


  • CUDA core : 192
  • Graphics Engine : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550TI
  • Engine Clock : 975MHz
  • Memory Clock : 4104 MHz (1026 MHz DDR5)
  • Memory Interface : 192-bit
Final Statement.
This card is great for gamers , and also for regular use and the price is also in everyone budget  . The performance of this card is amazing and the cooling is insane ,
you can overclock it more if you want or let it go like it, and for the look as you can see below it definitely attracts eye towards it self .
Thanks for checking the review of ASUS GTX 550TI DirectCU , if you have any question comment it or send us request.

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