Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions. Its main headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan and Thermaltake has multiple manufacturing facilities in China .In 2009, Thermaltake launched a new consumer/lifestyle brand called LUXA2. The designs are much simpler and have a more luxurious look and feel than anything Thermaltake has created for the enthusiast market in the past. The full range includes HTPC products (Home Theatre Personal Computers) and Apple accessories among others.Thermaltake has sponsored professional gamers for many years and, in 2010, it used that experience to launch a new brand called Tt eSports which targets the needs of hardcore enthusiasts. The product line-up includes keyboards, mice and headsets with more products planned.




About the Product


Today we are looking at Thermaltake Ttesports SHOCK One Gaming Headset which is one the product of headset from TteSports ( Sub Brand of Thermaltake ) . The headset support dts 5.1 channel surround system and the best thing is the USB connectivity which enables the user to have Plug and Play feature .  Without wasting any time lets head to the features and specifications .


General Specifications and Features


The general specifications of the keyboard are following ,





Also some of the salient features of this particular are ,



Packaging and Unboxing


SHOCK One comes in medium size box ,with the picture of the headset printed on the front side .  You can see that there are some features mentioned on the bottom centre of the box ,  including noise cancelling mic , bass enhancement etc.


DSC02080 (Copy)

Once you open the front cover , you find some more details regarding the headset  . In the below picture you can see that there are some detailed feature list along with software instructions and technical specifications .. You can see the transparent screen under which you can see the headset clearly .

DSC02084 (Copy)

Once you open the packaging you would find the following items from inside ,

-Thermaltake Ttesports SHOCK One Gaming Headset

-Alternative Ear Cups

-Carrying Pouch/Cover/Bag

-Manual and Driver Disc

DSC02085 (Copy)

In the below picture , you can have a  look at the gaming headset .. For details head to the next section of ” A closer look at the headset ” .

DSC02086 (Copy)

A closer look at the headset

The first thing you would notice when you look at this headset after taking it out of the box , is the design of the headset . The design is amazing .. the color schemes , the glossy look , the shiny surface everything is perfect .

You can clearly see that the headset is made from different materials from high quality plastic and metal hinges and headband as well . You can clearly see that the metal headband along with “R” and “L” labeled hinges are something unique in this headset .

DSC02092 (Copy)

This headset has large ear cups . Also you can use the other one provided along if it doesn’t comfort you . One thing to notice that the ear cups in this particular headset are square shaped not the round one which we usually see on many other gaming headset .. and we will let you know that why these types of ear cups are better in the next section .

DSC02095 (Copy)

The mic on the headset is also very unique . Basically you have two types of mic , one the standard conversation mic and the other one is the noise cancellation mic . Both allows to have a better communication in distorted environment .

DSC02096 (Copy)

On the top side of the headband , you can see the TteSports logo is printed . Note that the surface is glossy and shiny which provides a enthusiastic look to the gaming headset .

DSC02100 (Copy)

You also have inline control box , In the below picture you can see that you have buttons for volume up and volume down . You also have buttons to mute mic and speakers . On the side of the inline control you have to switches , One to lock the buttons and the other is to turn on or to turn off  the lighting .

DSC02088 (Copy)

Also note that this headset has USB interface and the USB is very high quality gold plated  . It means that you can plug it to your notebook or PC and can use it instantly . For using gaming features you have to install the drivers provided along with it .

DSC02090 (Copy)

You can fold the headset as well and keep in the carrying pouch/bag when you are travelling . This allows most gamers to carry their gaming gears to different gaming competitions without getting dust or scratches on their gears .

DSC02103 (Copy)

In the below picture , you can the interface of the SHOCK ONE headset software .  On the left side you have pre loaded list of  presets and environments to change the sound quality . Below it you have Equalizer and Main Volume Control . On the right side you DTS Surround System Settings along with the light indication .

You can change the settings to your need and then click apply for saving the settings .

shock software

Testing and Verdict


We tested this headset in real time time environment , by using this for gaming as well as for watching movies and for listening music . First of all the first thing we notice that this headset is very loud . So you can clearly listen everything happening around you in FPS game easily which gives you an edge on enemy . The sound quality is great thanks to the 40mm speaker and dts 5.1 surround system . We used the mic for conversation as well . We used mic in Counter Strike , DOTA 2  to simulate its use during games and used  skype for general voice calling . The response is both cases was very good .

After this we played some Blu -Ray movies having 5.1 channel surround track and listen to high bit rate and high quality music as well including trance which helped us in getting a better idea for Bass Enhancement . We have to say that the headset doesn’t perform that well in the entertainment section . We found that real sounds were bit distorted somewhere . But still not that bad for a gaming headset .

In the end all we have to say that this headset is of the best headset from TteSports headset lineup . From Packaging to the performance this headset is very great . For all those who are looking for budget gaming headset we would definitely recommend you this headset . The sound quality and mic is very good for gaming purpose . Plus the design and enthusiastic look is another plus point . The durability of this headset is also very good.


We proudly announce that the  Ttesports SHOCK One Gaming Headset from Thermaltake Receives Extreme Buy Award at TechTipsnReview for Durability , Enthusiastic Design and Performance .


Extreme Buy Award TTNR


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