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EPSD Announces Full Support for the New Intel® Xeon® E5-2600/1600 Processor V2

Humza Waseem 5 years ago

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Intel Enterprise Platforms and Services Division (EPSD) has announced that the entire Intel® S2600 server motherboard and system product line fully supports the recently released Intel® Xeon® E5 2600/1600 Processor V2 families. EPSD’s S2600 products include full support for the Intel® Xeon® E5 Processor V2’s 12 cores, the processor’s performance boost of up to 50% over previous generations, and have the capability to support the processor’s 1.5GB maximum memory capacity. Intel EPSD has provided its customers with an easy upgrade path involving a simple BIOS upgrade in order to take full advantage of the new processor. Production BIOS for EPSD products to support the Intel® E5 V2 Processor is now posted and available on the Intel Download Center.



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