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July 21, 2011

Speed Up Utorrent/Bittorrent

Today , We are going to share with you a new trick for speeding up the downloading rate for the torrents using any majority of clients . So here are some easy steps to speed up torrent having less seeders ,





  1. Open your torrent client .
  2. Highlight the torrent you want to speed up
  3. Right click the highlighted torrent , a menu will appear click on update trackers .
  4. Now again right click the torrent , Click bandwidth allocation .
  5. Set bandwidth allocation to high .
  6. Again right click the torrent and click bandwidth allocation , Click “Set Download Limit”
  7. Now keep selecting maximum speed until it gets above 40,000Kb.
  8. Now check the speed of your torrent even with few seeders it will be downloading fast and the downloading will also start faster then others.

If you are facing any problem regarding the trick , just leave a comment and we will help you , Stay tune for more tips & tricks .


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  1. Fauzaan Sheikh
    Jul 21 2011

    i am using lan net and utorrent is not working on ip address !!

    • Jul 21 2011

      So you are trying to say that the speed is not increasing ? or download dont start fast ?


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