Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc., founded in 2003 by a group of enthusiastic specialists in International Business, Global Marketing, and Technical Engineering of flash data storage industry. Well dedicated in brand image and product quality, Silicon Power has been recognized and well accepted by millions of end-users in more than 100 countries, becomes the world’s leading manufacturer of flash memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers, DRAM modules, solid state disks, and portable hard drives in less than a decade. Headquartered in Taipei, we continuously established various branches throughout the world including Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Mainland China and other emerging market to reach the worldwide market.


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About the Product

Today we are going to have a look at one of another USB 3.0 Portable HDD  from Silicon Power . This time we selected Stream S03 1TB 2.5inch PHD  . The new USB 3.0 portable hard drive – Stream S03, inspired by the concept of page folding as a way of keeping the precious and meaningful moments. S03’s unique folding design emphasizes the idea of instilling more human touches into the storage device.SP Stream S03’s matte finish provides solid protection against fingerprints and stains. Inheriting the streamline design from the Stream Series, S03 is built with the curved corners and ergonomics chamber on the both sides, allowing users to handle with ease.


Specifications and Features

The general specifications and salient features of the stream s03 are shown in the below picture , (Click the picture to enlarge ) .


feat stream


Packaging and Unboxing


Stream S03 comes in medium sized box with a transparent window on the right side . You can see the hard disk design through it . Also on the front of the box , the model of the PHD is mentioned along with the capacity .. And on the bottom note that some of the features are mentioned too



DSC02267 (Copy)

The following items come in the box .

– Silicon Power Stream S03 1TB 2.5″ Portable Hard Drive

-USB 3.0 DATA Cable


Closer look at the Stream S03


The first thing you would notice about Stream S03 is the design of the PHD .. The design is very unique and elegant . The edges are curved and round and also one of the corner is folded and is a bit lower than the whole body which is eye catching .  Another great thing is the matte finish which looks great on it and also it is free from hand stains and finger oil prints .


DSC02256 (Copy)

In the below picture you can see the USB 3.0 Data cable port for the PHD . Note that it does not use the normal micro USB data cable which most of the PHD uses . So you have to take care of the data cable which comes with it as this PHD is only compatible with the provided data cable .

DSC02255 (Copy)

One thing which I like about this PHD is the small LED light which turns to the blue when there is data activity going and it turns to red when it is in standby mode .

DSC02260 (Copy)

Benchmarking and Testing


The rig we will  be using to test this SSD has following components installed ,

  • Intel Corei5 3570K  3.4GHz
  • MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Motherboard
  • ADATA XPG 16GB 2400MHz RAM
  • Silicon Power V70 120GB SSD


The benchmarks software we used for testing are ,

  • CrystalDisk Mark
  • AIDA64 Disk Read Suite
  • ATTO

The pictures of results of the benchmarks are below ,







In the End ( Verdict/Conclusion )


In the end all we have to say that silicon power has once again proved that they are one of the best IT products manufacturer in the market  . The stream s03 is one the of the best PHD from silicon power . From packaging to the testing , this PHD meet our criteria .  The design is very good and unique  and the great thing is the matte finish which adds special to this PHD . Also this PHD is very light weight and be carried easily and without any problem .

Also the most important thing about stream s03 is the performance of the PHD . The read and write speed touching the 120MB/s and 60MB/s are very good as compared to other costly PHD’s .

We are gratified to announce that Stream S03 1TB Portable Hard Drive from Silicon Power receives Extreme Buyer Award at TechTipsnReview for the Unique and Elegant Design and Amazing Performance at our test bench .

Extreme Buy Award TTNR

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