People need to be careful because they could get into trouble for using illegal movie streaming sites, so I’ve talked about a few ways they can tell if a website is legitimate or not.In a few years most people will be streaming movies online and there are already lots of companies getting in on the action. You have to be careful because some of them will be illegal and you could get into trouble for using them. Today we’re going to look at a few ways you can tell if a website is legitimate or not.


The design is poor

Visit any of the most popular streaming websites and you’ll instantly know they’ve spent a lot of money on their design. This is because they want to impress their potential customers, but illegal sites don’t care as much. When you land on an illegal site the design will look average and it’s not something you’d expect from a legitimate company making good money. I bet you won’t want to give your credit card details to a bland-looking site anyway because you can’t trust them.


Tons of ads

Some legitimate streaming websites don’t charge their customers any money, so they will display ads on their site. You can’t blame them for this because they need to make money. I’m sure you don’t expect companies to provide free movies out of the goodness of their heart. Scam sites take things to a whole other level and they litter their site with tons of crappy ads. It’s also sometimes easy to spot an illegal site because of the quality of ads they put in front of you.


New movies on offer

Do you honestly think major film studies will allow anyone to put their movies onto the internet when they’re still bringing it lots of money at the movie theaters? That is probably the biggest downside to signing up with a proper streaming service because who doesn’t want to see new movies straight away? Pirate sites know this and they throw up poor-quality blockbusters as quickly as possible. If you want to stay on the right side of the law you must resist the temptation to watch new movies early.


Multiple links


It feels great when you spot a link to your chosen movie because you know it’s only a matter of seconds until it begins. Something strange happens when you click a link on a pirate site and you suddenly end up on another page. You click a new link and the same thing happens again. It feels like you’re chasing your tail around half the internet. Legitimate sites won’t mess you around and when they say you need to click on a link to watch a movie they actually mean it.


It’s all in the name


If a pirate site decided to use a dot com domain name it would only be a matter of time before their site was taken down. They get around this by using domain name extensions from the far corners of the world which makes it much harder for anyone to touch them. They might also use silly names you wouldn’t associate with a proper company. Once you land on a site you like you can always Google their name to find more information about them.



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