Asus G51Jx 3D Review

Speaking of laptop computers, also known as notebook PCs, it is very common for us to have the impression that those laptops are not what we are really looking for if we are into hard core gaming. This is because laptops tend to be too slow when we give them instructions to run our favorite games. Even worse, these laptops are not even likely to be capable of processing heavily loaded programs such as 3D animation, photo editing and graphic design programs. This is too bad especially when we take into consideration that such programs are often less resource consuming compared to today’s high end games. Oh yes, this is a real frustration. But fortunately enough for us, Asus, one big computer manufacturer, sees our problem and knows what to do to cheer us up. As a matter of fact, chances are this is what inspires Asus to produce Asus G51Jx 3D.


Featured with the latest Intel Core i7 Quad Core processors designed for laptops, this is surely a real hope for the hard core gamers around the world. Yet, what makes things even better is that the laptop is powered with 4 GB memory which is also expandable up to 8 GB or probably 16 GB as claimed by a couple of sites out there. Then, to enhance the performance even further, there is the Power4Gear Hybrid that is supported by Extreme Turbo mode.

Performance And Specs

In terms of the power of graphics brought to you by Asus, the Asus G51Jx 3D is powered with nVIDIA® GeForce GTS 360M. This graphic card is backed by GDDR5 VRAM with as much capacity as 1 GB. Yet, there is a surprise from Asus. This graphic card is able to offer Nvidia 3D Vision for the user’s eyes only. This makes it possible for the user to enjoy unbelievable 3D experience while watching movies, playing games or even simply viewing photos. Asus has also provided PCI-Express™ x16 slots for expansion capability. Also, if you happen to be a user that cannot live without multi-tasking, you will find that the available Dual-View mode is a great feature. This enables the user of the Asus G51Jx 3D to view an application on 2 different monitors. Speaking of monitors, Asus is trying to spoil the user with a monitor that is ready to sport nVIDIA 3D Vision in its 15.6-inch display. The monitor has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and a frequency of 120 Hz. Too bad the monitor does not support full HD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution just yet.

Sound Like Waoo

The next thing worth considering is the audio. An immersive 3D vision without audio is not quite likely what the user will expect to have for sure. This is when the full 3D audio by EAX 4.0 plays a very important role. The audio system even supports Dolby® Home Theater audio effect. And, you may not believe this but it is true, Asus offers the user with dual built-in Altec Lansing speakers with the sound quality that you-know-how.


But how will the user store their data? Well, 2 HDD of 500 GB that builds up to 1 TB is enough for sure. But if they are not, there is a Blu-Ray/DVD±R/RW combo drive standing by. With all these storage devices, those gamers or 3D animators or graphic designers – whatever, you name it – are not quite likely to feel lacking of storage spaces.

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