Asus G50V Review

The tagline “Republic of Gamers” are being used by ASUS to show that this product are targeting gamers segment. However, if the tagline is usually used for graphics cards and motherboards, Asus is now also introducing a notebook which entry in the families of Republic of Gamers. The is Asus G50V is, a 15.4-inch notebook, which is entitled to the title. Asus designer seems to know how to make this G50 thick feel of the gamers. With the dynamic indentation decorated detail, the contrast color with combination of black and orange, and the emblazon of the light blue on the logo and the touchpad, make this notebook looks and feels cool. Can be said, this is one of the coolest notebook on the market at this time.

Not only for playing game, Asus G50V also offering other facility which can be said complete such as Bluray optical device, HDMI connector for High Definition audio video class connection, and eSATA for high speed data transfer. Other facility which should be available on notebook such as WiFi, Bluetooth, webcam and the card reader also available on Asus G50V and make this notebook very usable to be used for everything.

Entertainment In Life

Even if your purpose is simply browsing in your spare time, you do not need to wait because Asus G50V are provided with unique facility called Express Gate. Familiar with this name ? Perhaps, because this facility also being planted by Asus in the motherboard they produce. In simple words, Express Gate is a simple operating system based on Linux. In it there are some simple applications, such as Internet browser, music player and Skype. The booting time to go to Express Gate is about 5 seconds, so it becomes interesting alternative if you want to make simple computing without having to go to Windows Vista that requires more time to boot.

With all of the advantages on Asus G50V, it does not mean that i don’t have any complaint against this notebook. One of the lack is the speakers quality which is not maximum. Although using Altec Lansing as the speakers, the sound produced by the speakers sounded less loud and dry without feel the bass effects. The keyboard also not soft and need extra pressure compared to other notebook i had tested. And for a 15.4-inch notebook class, the dimensions and the weight of Asus G50V reach 3.3 kg which make this notebook are above average and not comfortable for get around.


  • Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 (2,78GHz, cache 6MB, FSB 1066MHz)
  • Memory : 4GB DDR2-800
  • Chipset : Intel PM45 Graphic Card : nVidia GeForce 9700M GT 512MB
  • Harddisk : WDC 600GB, IDE, 4200rpm
  • Optical drive : Bluray 2X Facility : WiFi-G, Bluetooth, FireWire, ethernet, USB (4x), kamera, card reader, Express Card, HDMI, eSATA
  • Display : 15,4 inci, 1366×768 pixel
  • Sound Card : Unknown
  •  Operating System : Windows Vista Home Premium
  •  Battery : 4000 mAh
  • Dimension : 37,5 x 26,5 x 3,43–4,06 cm
  • Weight : 3,3 kg
  •  Guarantee : 1 year

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