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Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Power Supply Review

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions. Its main headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan and Thermaltake has multiple manufacturing facilities in China, including a major plant at Dongguan which is also ISO-9001 certified.

About the Product

Today we are going to have a look at Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Power Supply. New revolutionary Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G Series is an innovative, digitally-controlled power supply with software. The combination of Toughpower DPS G and DPS G App2.0 Software creates an intelligent platform that allows you to monitor the electricity cost of your PC – thereby helping you to manage your expenses , record the status of your PC and share data in the cloud so you can share with your friends.

General Specifications and Features

The General Specifications are mentioned below ,


Some of its salient feature are mentioned following ,

  • Digital Power Supply with DPS
  • Smart DPS Software
  • Calculate the electricity cost
  • Monitor the Wattage
  • Monitor the Efficiency
  • Monitor the Voltage
  • Sharing in the cloud
  • Quantitative Data Management
  • Digital Fan Control
  • Fully Modular Cable Design
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified and Haswell Ready
  • 7 Year Warranty

Unboxing and Packaging

Toughpower DPS G 850W comes in a pretty large box with the picture and some of the salient features printed on the front side . The wattage is mentioned on the lower side at front . This is 850w version , it is also available in higher wattage if you require so .

DSC03146 (WP)

At the back side of the box , some of the details are printed . On left side , some of the features are explained in detail like the well built design and chassis of the PSU , the DPS app that allows you to track the usage and other stats of the power ,usage of high grade components and introducing  the digital component so that the signal could be converted into digital for further processing. Moreover ,the amount of cables is mentioned on the right side and along with some other specification .

DSC03148 (WP)

Once you open the box, you would find some manual , some Styrofoam stuff for protection and a pouch. Now if you have purchased the Thermaltake PSU before , they usually package their PSU like this .  In the transparent pouch are manuals and warranty info . The pouch holds all the neccassary cables for the PSU and under the protective Styrofoam is the PSU itself.

DSC03149 (WP)

You will found the following items after unboxing  ,

  • Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Power Supply
  • Main power cord
  • USB adapter cable for DPS App
  • Modular cables
  • Some cable ties
  • Warranty and installation manuals

DSC03151 (WP)

DSC03153 (WP)

The cables which came along with the Toughpower DPS G 850W are of very high end quality and quite thick and sturdy . You will get

-One 24 pin connector

-One  4+4  +12V CPU connector

-Eight 4 pin peripheral connector

-One 4 pin floppy connector

-Twelve 5 pin SATA connector

-Six 6+2 PCI-E connector

DSC03167 (WP)


A Closer look at the Toughpower DPS G 850W

Toughpower DPS G 850W is pretty standard size ATX PSU with fully modular design as you can see in the below pictures. On the right side the 850w is mentioned along with 80+ Gold Efficiency tag . On the back of PSU all the necessary modular connectors ports are available along with USB port for connecting PSU to Motherboard , so that you can track the usage and other statistics via DPS application.


On the backside , the power cord attaches and on/off switch is placed . This PSU comes with the gold colored grill and a 140mm high quality thermaltake fan just beneath it for sufficient air flow to keep things inside cool.

Thermaltake PSU have always been manufactured with great perfection and high standard components , the work on the soldering of components on PCB is very clean and precise. Every component is arranged and fixed very perfectly thus utilizing more space in perfect manner . There are two cards placed inside , first one is Digital SR card which we assume is to be used to convert the signals to digital which can be further used by DPS app and the other one is to supply power to the 140mm cooling fan.

Moreover a single Nippon Chemi-con 400v560 bulk capacitor sits on the primary side of the power supply along with the other small capacitors soldered on the board . The output supply is connected the to PCB on which all the necessary ICs are hosted which are responsible for controlling functionalities.


DPS Desktop Application

Once you have installed the PSU and connected the given USB connector with PSU and motherboard on board USB port . You have to go to thermaltake website and download the DPS app. After installation you will get a opened application with all the necessary functionalities. You can track your usage and even calculate your power bill which i thought is very cool . Also you can monitor the voltage and current supplied by your PSU at time .  You can check the total wattage the system is consuming and even can share the stats on cloud with your social circle.


Benchmark and Testing

For the benchmark and testing we upgraded our system above the capabilities of the PSU just in case so that load is enough for testing .

The rig we used is comprised on ,

  • Intel Core i7 6700K
  • 2 x GIGABYTE GTX 980
  • Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7
  • Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Power Supply
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3200 MHz Memory

We did four test , First was on stock configuration with no graphic card . Second was on stock with single graphic card .Third was on stock configuration with SLI configuration . Similarly , the whole procedure with processor overclocked at 4.6Ghz . In the end , we tweak up the RAM a bit to get extra juice .

The below tests represent typical loads that we have measured from various systems and are meant to give a rough idea of where your computer might fall in line with our tests. Please keep in mind that each system is different and actual loads can vary greatly even with similar hardware.


bandicam 2016-07-18 05-57-11-135

bandicam 2016-07-18 06-17-24-148


In the End (Verdict)

In the end all we have to say is that , we are happy to see that thermaltake come with the digital PSU and solution and the performance of this PSU is amazing . From packaging to the making of this PSU and till the testing it goes flawless . The design is very well built and the presentation from thermaltake is amazing . All the necessary items are included with the PSU and there are enough cables for your hardware .The PSU work very quietly even under high load , the voltage and amp were stable how ever there was some minor drop in the 12V rail but it is not that significant . The efficiency met the advertise efficiency . We also tested the ripple by using the old school oscilloscope which we did not mentioned in the testing and benchmark and the results were between 12 to 30 mV from test 1 to test 6 .

Also one more plus point to Toughpower DPS G 850W is the DPS app which allows the consumer to track the stats and monitor the usage of electricity and power . Plus the user can see how much the system is pulling the power from PSU. Moreover , you can share or store the logs on cloud as well .

In the end we are pleased  to announce that Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Power Supply receives Extreme Buyer Award at TechTipsnReview for the Tough Design and Amazing Performance .

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