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January 7, 2012

Piracy Good or Bad ?


Nowadays , We see computers in every house along with high speed internet  . The one problem for the software companies is that they are not getting that much profit as they should get according to their statistics . The only and big reason for this is the PIRACY .

Piracy is sharing of a thing without the permission of the developer/author/maker etc. The piracy can affect every man which earn money via internet and sell their things on internet to people  . For instance , a singer song can be downloaded by everyone on the internet without paying . We can find many softwares like Microsoft Word , Adobe Photoshop  for free on torrent sites . This is the reason companies agreed to make a agreement named as ACTA .

ACTA states that the piracy should be stopped at any cost whether it is done for anything like songs , books , softwares , operating system . The user should pay for the services that they want to use . This will cause the companies earning and profit graph go up .

People View

Well above mention is the view of the developers and creators . The users view is  opposite to them . There is a popular “Idiom” that Piracy is Sharing . The user who support piracy thinks that piracy is sharing . Because if someone buys a software , he is giving his friends or relative to use . But according to the companies , this is wrong because that person bought for a one P.C. use .

The piracy is mostly found on torrents sites . They use peer 2 peer technology to transfer a file from one computers to others . One computer is uploader and the other will be downloader . In this way thousand of people download softwares and digital things without paying . The other thing is that people says that ” The companies demand very high prices for their softwares ” . Well we all know , Who does not want a thing for free of cost ….


At the end I will this thing to you guys , Whether you agree to let Piracy live or you want it to die forever and pay for everything you want to use on computer and even to listen to songs .

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