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The device we were waiting for a long time, IPHONE 5 is in market my friends, as we all know, but rare to find now. It was announced by Apple.Inc on last Wednesday. Its a double credit for Apple.Inc, first they won the case against Samsung and second the most mesmerizing device, commonly known as IPHONE 5

A Rumor…

Well! you might have heard about the new upcoming product of Apple.Inc ‘I Watch”. If you don’t, that’s good. I browsed all night and searched for its reality. I found nothing, just few pictures of this gadget and videos on “Youtube”. Let me tell you something interesting, Apple.Inc doesn’t even announced about anything referring to this gadget yet. What i assume is that, its not what you all think, its a bit controversial.

How to Buy a Processor Cooler

Your central processing unit (CPU) or processor, which is a workhorse, is one of the hardware that should be properly protected from overheating that is why it is important to choose the right cooling device when buying a CPU cooler.

How to buy cheap computer motherboards

How to buy cheap computer motherboards With the world being stricken by an economic recession, it is intuitive that we all look for the best deals when we go shopping for anything. Going shopping for the best deals is always the best thing. However, in these times most people have gone away from getting the […]

Why Do I Want a Gaming Keyboard?

Why Do I Want a Gaming Keyboard? Gaming computers are designed to enhance and refine your gaming experience. No game requires a quality keyboard that is built specifically for gaming, but your performance in most modern games can be improved with one. People who play games that require a lot of speed or APM (actions […]

Choosing your next computer power supply

Choosing your next computer power supply A quality power supply unit – or PSU – is far more important than many computer owners believe or care to think about. Feeding a modern computer – with powerful graphics card(s), multi-core CPU, fast memory chips and hard disks, and other power-hungry delicate electronics – with anything less […]

Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories: Are They Worth It? There is obviously a huge market for gaming hardware particularly when it comes to graphics cards but things like gaming headsets, keyboards and mice have taken over their markets lately for both PC and console platforms. From my experience however, these kinds of things can easily end up being […]

The best Gaming Mouse

  The best Gaming Mouse – What to Look for When You Consider Buying Not a whole lot of inventions in pc technologies have been able to make a greater impression than the computer mouse. It has turn out to be a mandatory accessory for the last two decades. Today’s pc mice come in many […]