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10 Social Media Bloggers to Watch

Whether you’re a dedicated blogger or just interested in social media and its trends, it pays to listen to the experts. Here are ten social media blogs worth watching, especially if you have one of your own.

Disabling Startup Programs

If you disable programs from startingup when you boot up your computer you can make the entire start-up process quicker. The less items that have to be started, the faster your computer will boot up

How to Find Out the Best Motherboard For Your Computer System

  How to Find Out the Best Motherboard For Your Computer System Just as any mother is the best to nourish and knows how to take the complete care of her baby; in a computer device the motherboard plays the just right role of supplying the necessary components for the perfect functioning of the system. […]

Basics Of Buying Gaming Motherboards

Basics Of Buying Gaming Motherboards Buying gaming motherboards is not just about the board, but how it fits into the other part choices. Thing is, a gaming machine is usually a custom-built affair, with every part chosen for its high performance capabilities. What the board needs to do is be compatible with each of these […]

Disable delete confirmation dialog box in Windows 7

Today trick would be about how to Disable delete confirmation dialog box in Windows 7 , So lets see the steps in order to make it disable :   Right click the recycle bin icon . A menu will appear . Select Properties from the resulting menu.             The Recycle […]

Speed Up Utorrent/Bittorrent

Today , We are going to share with you a new trick for speeding up the downloading rate for the torrents using any majority of clients . So here are some easy steps to speed up torrent having less seeders ,         Open your torrent client . Highlight the torrent you want […]

Installing Windows 7 / Vista from USB Flash Drive

INSTALLING WINDOWS 7 / Vista FROM USB FLASH DRIVE Having a bootable USB is very essential, especially if you are a Netbook user. Using bootable USB to install an operating system (OS) not only makes the installation faster, but also saves a DVD. Creating or using an USB drive to install Windows operating systems is […]

Before Buying Computer Parts

Today we are going to cover topic , regarding doing the shopping for the computer parts and peripherals . We are going to take look at every major and basic part which is necessary for computer or gaming rig . I have seen many people buying computer and they do not care for these thing […]

How To Detect Virus/Hacking File

As I am getting many request from people about the topic “How to detect virus/key logging file/RAT file (Hacking File) in your computer if antivirus can not “ , So the I am going to provide few solutions for this problem ,   Check Task Manager This is the most efficient way to detect the […]