10 Social Media Bloggers to Watch




10: Viper Chill

To become the best, you should emulate the best. The brain behind Viper Chill was the social media manager of Hewlett Packard at the tender age of eighteen, and now he spends his time traveling the globe and sharing his wisdom with budding bloggers.


9: Itty Biz

Are you a starving artist? Say no to expensive business courses and yes to Naomi Dunford, whose blog offers everything from social media tips to free marketing courses. It’s useful, it’s convenient, and best of all, it won’t cost you a dime.


8: Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner does exactly as the name promises: it takes a critical, in-depth look at blogging and the newest developments of social media, helping you to both understand and utilize them to your own advantage.


7: Mars Dorian

Full of tips and tricks for social media bloggers, Mars Dorian can teach you everything from increasing your comment count to improving your virtual workspace. There’s no pretension here, only solid, constructive advice.


6: Marketing Tech Blog

MTB offers specialized counsel for all the technology bloggers out there. If your audience is less interested in cat macros and more concerned with software and the latest news of, say, NFC, this is the blog for you.


5:Jeff Bullas

Do you know what a “power tweet” is? Are you aware of the most popular social networking sites as broken down by location and demographic? Jeff Bullas has these answers and more, running a social media blog that’s simple, informative, and most importantly, useful.

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4: Hubze

Not only is Huzbe an entertaining blog and handy resource, but it also comes in a variety of forms, with videos, articles, and podcasts all available for your convenience.


3: Social Mouths

A high school dropout turned middle management turned freelance entrepreneur, Francisco Rosales has seen all sides of business, and he uses his uniquely ubiquitous perspective to run Social Mouths and help others understand what’s really going on in social media.



With links, lists, tips, tutorials, and a revolving door of contributors from all over the industry, Kikolani is a goldmine for anyone who plans to make money on the web.


1:Copy Blogger

One of the more famous social media blogs, Copy Blogger is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to create, refine or revitalize their website. Increase your traffic, fine-tune your SEOs, and learn everything from current industry trends to copywriting 101. If you’re at all interested in social media in the blogosphere, you don’t want to miss Copy Blogger.


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