2 ways to change the hard drive partition icon on Windows 7/8 / 10

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If you are a person who regularly has to work with computers using Windows operating system, then surely you are no stranger to the icons of hard drive partition C :, D :, E:,…. That’s right, even getting bored with it!

Although Microsoft has changed this icon from version to version, it actually looks boring and it doesn’t make much difference. If you are feeling like that, then in this article I will share with you 2 ways to change the hard drive partition icon in an extremely simple way.

If you are interested, please apply it to your beloved computer ?

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I. The simple way to change hard drive partition icon on Windows

Read at the beginning of the article but you still do not know what you are talking about, what is the hard drive partition icon, you can see in the picture below. This will be the drive-shaped icon in front of the drive letter and size in File Manager.


In the framework of this article I will show you two ways to change this icon, one way without software, and the second way is to use 3rd party software. These two ways are equally simple. You can do it this way too,

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Okay, let’s start with 1 now ?

Method # 1: change the hard drive partition icon (manually)

+ Step 1: Have the icon you want to change for the hard drive ready, you copy and paste it into the root of the drive you want to change.

Let’s say you want to change the drive icon D: then copy v the icon to the drive D: always ha.

how-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (1)

Note that the format of this icon file must be in .ico format, if it is JPG, PNG, … then you should use tools to convert the image file to .ICO format to use.

+ Step 2: There is a drive icon in the root directory, then open the tool Notepad out. You can open it by right clicking on the screen Desktop => and select Text Document.

Or You open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => then type the command notepad => and press Enter for quick.

=> Next you copy the content below into the Notepad file.


ICON = Drive.ico

How-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (2)

Then choose File => Save as it with the name autorun.inf and remember to also save it in the root directory of the hard drive. Remember to have a name autorun.inf and save it in the root directory (save in the partition where you want to change the icon).


+ Step 3: After creating the text file above, at the root directory of the hard drive partition where you want to change the icon, there will be two more files as shown below are OK. Now restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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How-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (3)

Changing icons for other partitions is the same, as many drives you do each time. If you want to restore the default, you just need to delete the file autorun.inf and file Drive.ico go, and reboot is fine.

Method # 2: Change the hard drive icon on Windows using software

If you find the above method a bit complicated, you can choose how to use it Drive Icon Changer – a free software that allows users to change the drive’s icon quickly, conveniently, simply and safely.

In addition, this tool also provides users with some pretty pretty icons available. If you want to create your own icons, read the article in the link that I shared in part 1.


+ Step 1: First, download the software Drive Icon Changer: Link Mediafile / Link Maga

+ Step 2: After downloading => you unzip the ZIP file, you will have 2 folders including Icons is the folder containing the available icons, and the other folder containing the file *.exe of software.

How-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (4)

+ Step 3: You access the directory Drive Icon Changer => run the file .exe up by right Administrator.

In the software interface window => please do as follows:

  • Select your Drive: Select the drive for which you want to change the icon
  • Select your desired Icon: You click on the red magnifying glass icon to access the path containing the prepared .ico file => then press Open => Finally click Save to save this setting.

How-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (5)

+ Step 4: Ok then guys, after you are done, you have to restart your computer once for the change to take effect.

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How-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (6)

And here is the final result, I have changed everything and I feel quite satisfied ?

How-to-do-to-do-icon-on-windows (7)

II. Epilogue

So I just finished sharing with you 2 easiest ways to Change hard drive partition icon on Windows operating system Alright.

A little trick to help change the mood of the default Windows File Manager. Hope this tips will be useful for you. Good luck !

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