2 ways to temporarily and permanently lock Facebook so it doesn’t appear for a while

Is there a way to turn off Facebook during that time people can’t find anything about you on Facebook? The following article, GhienCongListen will help you make a very simple and fast way to lock Facebook.

There will be times when we feel we no longer need social networks and need time to pay more attention to real life. And so disabling Facebook will save you that precious time. So how to lock Facebook? And what should be noted before locking your Facebook account? Below article, GhienCongListen will recommend you 2 how to lock facebook temporary and permanent.

What is Facebook Deactivation?



Deactivating Facebook is temporarily locking your Facebook account. And if you ever want to reopen your account, you can completely restore it, not completely lock it.

And while disabling Facebook, your Messenger account will still work normally.


How to temporarily lock Facebook

The temporary blocking of Facebook means that your Facebook will be in a state that does not completely delete all information and data on your Facebook account. When you do this, your account will be hidden from everyone including your friends.

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How to temporarily lock Facebook on your phone

First update the Facebook app for your phone to the latest version. Refer to the quick Facebook app update link below if you want:


Step 1: Go to Facebook > Select the 3 dashes icon.


Step 2: Go Settings & Privacy > Setting > Personal information.


Step 3: Select Account Management > Disable.


Step 4: Enter password > Continue > Here, select the reason for account deactivation > Continue.


There are options:

  • This is a temporary action. I will be back: The account will automatically open when you log back in before the selected time or after 1-7 days.
  • The rest of the reasons: The account opens only when you log back in.

Step 5: You click to select the time to automatically reactivate your account > Continue > Deactivate my account to finish.


How to temporarily lock Facebook on a computer

The method is similar to the one above, but with a slight difference in terms of interface and access to the temporary Facebook lock feature.

Step 1: Select Settings and Privacy > Select Setting.


Step 2: Go to item Your information on Facebook > In the section Disable and deleteyou choose See.


Step 3: Select Deactivate the account > Continue to deactivate the account.


Step 4: Here, enter the correct Facebook password > Continue.


Step 5: Choose the reason you disabled your Facebook account > Disable.


Step 6: Press Disable now to complete the process.


How to permanently lock Facebook?

Permanently deleting your account will result in your Facebook account being permanently deleted after 30 days of making a request to delete your account. Any information and photos that you have previously posted will no longer be on this social networking platform. Please consider this issue before taking this action.

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How to permanently lock Facebook on your phone

Note that this way to permanently lock Facebook, you will not be able to recover your account anymore.

Step 1: Go to Facebook > Select the 3 tiles icon on the screen > Settings & Privacy > Setting > Go to Account ownership and control in the Settings section.


Step 2: You click Disable and delete > Delete the account >Continue Delete the account.


Step 3: Here, select Delete the account > Enter the correct password to confirm the account > Continue.


Step 4: Finally, select Delete the account to confirm permanent deletion.


How to permanently lock Facebook on your computer

Step 1: Go to Facebook > Select Settings & Privacy > Setting.


Step 2: Here, tap Your information on Facebook > Select See in the Disable and delete section.


Step 3: Select Permanently delete your account > Then select Continue deleting accounts.


Step 4: Press Delete the account.


Step 5: Enter the Facebook password to confirm the main account > Continue.


Step 6: Finally, select Delete account to confirm permanent deletion.


Note before locking Facebook account

Temporarily locking Facebook

  • You can reopen your account when you log in before the lockout period, or the account will automatically reopen for 7 days.
  • Although Facebook is disabled, your Messenger still works normally.
  • During the Facebook lockdown, people can’t find information related to your account, including past posts. This information is only visible again when you unlock it.
  • If you lock both Facebook and Messenger, your Facebook account will also be reactivated when you sign in to Messenger.
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The case of permanently locking Facebook

  • You cannot reactivate your account in any way.
  • All your posts, images and information will be deleted with your account.
  • You cannot continue using Facebook and Messenger with the deleted account.
  • The messages that you have sent to your friends are still on their device without being lost.
  • Pages you control yourself are also deleted, so before deleting an account, give control of the page to another account.

Some frequently asked questions

Is there a way to temporarily lock Messenger without locking Facebook?

When you lock Facebook, Messenger can still work. So is there a way to lock Messenger temporarily without deleting Facebook?

The answer is yes. You can completely disable private Messenger with Facebook.

Facebook account suddenly disabled?

In case you do not lock the account, the Facebook account is suddenly disabled. This is because you’re having trouble logging in, possibly because you’ve violated Facebook’s terms and policies.

Or your Facebook account uses a fake name, is marked as spam too much or is an unofficial virtual nick.

Is it possible to cancel deleting a Facebook account?

You can completely cancel your Facebook account deletion by re-login before the deadline, maybe 7 days for a temporary lock.

At this point, the order to delete Facebook account has been canceled and you can work your account normally again.

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The above are some simple ways to temporarily and permanently lock your Facebook account when you want to “disappear” on the social network for a while. Don’t forget to follow GhienCongList for more useful information.

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