3 ways to make a watermark in Photoshop

Watermarking in Photoshop is also a way for you to highlight text, reduce image visibility to show text more clearly. With photos with too much detail, when inserting text, it will make the image look more confusing, in addition, the color of the image also affects the overall image of the image. In this case, you can consider subduing the main image, to make the text stand out in different ways. And in this article, the Network Administrator will guide you how to sink photos.

1. Immerse the image by adding color to it

1.1 Colorize an image with a single color

You click on the image and then select Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Click OK at the display interface.

Choose single color

At this time you choose a dark color for the imageblack or brown depending on you and then click OK.

Choose a dark color

Then we will Adjust the level of lightness Apply the color just overlaid on the image. The more you Increase Opacity then the subject image will be more sunken.

Adjust Opacity

1.2. Fill image with gradient color

We will click on the subject image and then select Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient. Click OK to continue.

Choose a Gradient Color

Now display the interface for us to edit the color for the gradient color range that you want to pour into the image. Click on 2 pivot points beginning and end then tap Color section to change color.

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Gradient Color Changer

Then you also Adjust Opacity to change the intensity of the image.

Adjust the Gradient color level

As a result we will get the image as below.

Gradient gradient image

2. Submerge Photoshop images with Gaussian Blur

You click on the image layer you want to blur and then press Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Blur photo

Now display the image blur interface, you adjust the parameters as you like. The image will be displayed immediately so we can see the change when applied. If you like, click Ok to save.

Choose blur level

3. Lower the image brightness to make the image waterless

With images with relatively high brightness, you can reduce the light of the image. Press Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast.

Adjust the contrast

Click OK in the displayed dialog box and then adjust the contrast for the image.

Reduce the brightness

Video tutorial for making watermarked images in Photoshop

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