4 super easy ways to download photos from Instagram to your computer

While posting images to Instagram is “as easy as pie,” downloading them isn’t so simple. This article will walk you through all the options, from downloading the entire image history to using the source code for each image and external applications to do so.

When downloading or posting images to Instagram, GhienCongListen hope you make sure you respect the copyright of the image of the author. Here are ways to Download photos from Instagram to computer.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer any way to download images, but it does allow you to download your entire account history, including all the photos and videos you’ve uploaded as posts or stories. Because Instagram’s parent company (Facebook) is always concerned about copyright issues, it only provides a link to download your account data.

Go to the Instagram website on your browser, log in, then click the gear icon to the right of where Edit Profile (Edit Profile) and select Privacy and Security (Privacy and Confidentiality).

Log in to your account

Log in to your account

Once selected, you will be directed to the page Account Privacy (Account security). Scroll down to where the content is Data Download (Download data) and click Request Download (Download required).

Get the download link by email

Get the download link by email

2. Download Instagram images to your computer via source code (source code)

If you don’t want the hassle of downloading your entire history without skipping forgotten posts, or if you need a picture of someone else (with permission from the author), you can download down the images by converting to code (code).

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Step 1: Find the code

On the Instagram website, click the photo you want to load. Then right click on the image (or tap 2 fingers on the touchpad) and click View Page Source (See Page Source) or Inspect element (Check element).

Find the code

Find the code

Step 2: Copy the code

Copy the code

Copy the code

Scroll through the code and find the section with the meta attribute information (you can press control + F or command + F and find ‘meta property‘). You will find a line of code of the image you want to save

Step 3: Save the selected image

Paste the link and search into a new browser page and you’ll be taken to a page with only pictures. Now just right click or hold Control (Command) when clicking on the image and selecting Save Image As (Save image as). The default name will be a long string of numbers, so you may want to change the name to make it easier to remember. This process may also save the video depending on your browser.

Upload images from Instagram via a third-party app

If you need images off Instagram and the first options above sound too cumbersome or time consuming, there are plenty of third-party options that offer alternatives to downloading your images. and of others. Remember that some of these require access to your account data, while others do not. If possible, we recommend using the previous solutions, but if you want convenience, here are some of the most popular options.


DownloadGram is one of the most attractive third-party options in terms of security as it requires no software to be installed, plus it can be used on both computers and mobile phones. However, the downside is that you can only download one image at a time, but it can also work with the app. Tik Tok.

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Step 1: Find the image you want to save

On a computer, go to the Instagram website, find the image you want, click the three dots at the top right above the image, and select Go to Post.

Step 2: Download the image

Copy the photo’s URL, then go to the website DownloadGram and paste the URL in the box. Click the button Download (Download) to save your image



On mobile: open the Instagram app and find the photo you want, tap the three-dot icon and select Copy Link (copy link), then do as above.

Other useful Instagram image download tips

1. Download multiple images

If you want to download multiple images at once, you will be restricted from using third-party software. However, GhienCong Nghe will introduce two extremely effective and ‘genuine’ software to download multiple downloads from Instagram, 4K Stogram and Save-o-gram.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram allows you to register a username, hashtag or even a location to bulk download any public image it finds as a tag without logging into Instagram, although it’s free to sign up for a few sources photos but you will need to pay 10$ for a license for unlimited use

First, download and install 4K Stogram on your computer, open the program then enter your Instagram username, hashtag or location in the search bar. Click Subscribe (Sign up) and the program will search and automatically download everything it finds – you will find tons of images in the 4K Stogram folder on your computer.



If you need more options, Save-o-gram allows downloading of all images at once as zip files or individually and charges a one-time fee of $9 after a seven-day trial.



2. Download Instagram Story

Other than the images posted, you can easily download your story or someone else’s story within ‘one note’. Just click on the three vertical dots at the bottom right of the story and select Save photo (Save Image). You can find previous stories by going to your profile, clicking the menu icon and selecting Archive (Storage).

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If you want to download a story from someone else’s account – as some accounts share a lot of beautiful photos just to use as phone wallpapers – you can save the story by taking a screenshot and cropping the images. necessary place. Besides, if the story is a video, just tap and hold anywhere on the screen to pause the story so you have time to take a screenshot.

Instagram Story

Instagram Story

Above are simple ways to download images from Instagram. If you have any questions, please comment below for the fastest response

3. Bookmark images on Instagram

If you want to archive an image on Instagram instead of saving and re-posting it elsewhere, just using the bookmarking function is enough. You can bookmark any image on Instagram, whether from an account you follow or not, and you can neatly organize your bookmarked images into separate folders depending on your ideas and preferences. inspiration, or wish list, future thoughts or whatever you choose – and don’t worry, no one will be able to see the posts you’ve bookmarked.

1. Save to collection

Save to collection

Save to collection

Tap the bookmark icon below any image and it will turn black indicating the image has been saved. If you want to create a gallery for your images, tap the notification Save to Collection (Save to Collection) pops up at the bottom left, then click the + icon to create a collection and name it however you like.

2. View and edit images

To view or edit a bookmarked image, in the app, go to your profile, tap the menu icon in the top right and select Saved (Saved). From here, you can tap the plus icon to add a new collection or transfer your saved photos to the gallery.

Reference: www.creativebloq.com

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