5 best Ubuntu-based Linux distributions of all time

Ubuntu, a Debian-based Linux operating system, has been around since 2004; Since then, some great distributions based on Ubuntu’s source code have been created.

These distributions continue to have varying degrees of success serving a wide variety of use cases. The following list of community-maintained Ubuntu distributions proves it.

Let’s find out with Quantrimang.com what makes each of these Ubuntu-based distributions so popular with users.

Linux Mint desktop interface
Linux Mint desktop interface

Linux Mint, released on August 27, 2006, has dominated the hearts and minds of users since its launch. Mint comes in 3 versions, including the Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE desktop environments.

Linux Mint offers a robust software package ecosystem that includes Firefox, VLC Media Player, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, etc. It has a functional, navigable and beautiful user interface/UX that is suitable for Linux novices.

However, the frequent OS updates available since the launch of Mint 19 can disappoint many users.

elementary OS desktop interface
elementary OS desktop interface

elementary OS engages users and non-Linux users with the macOS-inspired Pantheon desktop environment. A rich user experience is relatively easy to grasp and remember.

It provides a compact set of software packages to reduce post-installation overhead. However, you can quickly bring software and apps to your desktop from the dedicated software store, AppCenter.

elementary OS provides an Ubuntu LTS-based distribution that is easy to configure with lots of customization options. elementary OS’s active Stack Exchange support community is a great help for those new to Linux.

Zorin OS desktop interface
Zorin OS desktop interface

Windows users looking to switch to an open source option can easily use the Zorin OS desktop environment. Zorin OS is extremely lightweight compared to other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions.

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The availability of bundled software packages for productivity and multimedia editing made Zorin OS a versatile choice among many contemporaneous applications.

In addition, Zorin Lite can deliver a traditional macOS-based desktop-like user interface experience, especially when you are dealing with low hardware configurations. Rest assured, Zorin OS enables seamless workstation transitions across desktops using the Barrier app.

Pop!  _OS
Pop! _OS

Pop! _OS, developed and supported by System76, is another Ubuntu-based Linux distribution favored by multimedia professionals looking for lightweight, open-source operating system solutions. This Debian-Ubuntu distribution features a GNOME-based desktop environment with a clean, intuitive user interface.

The distribution is highly accessible and customizable, thus allowing stable execution on a diverse list of hardware configurations. It is one of the very few Linux distributions on the market that is highly compatible with NVIDIA/AMD graphics hardware, thus making driver updates easy.

These elements prove Pop! _OS is a great economic solution for eSports.

Desktop interface of Linux LXLE . operating system
Desktop interface of Linux LXLE . operating system

LXLE is a fast and feature-rich Ubuntu distribution that is rich in functionality but relatively light on resources. Its user interface is easy on the eyes and runs quite smoothly on computers with outdated graphics hardware.

Surprisingly, the distro comes with many apps that don’t overload the machine. LXLE has fast boot times and with solid performance, the distro is marketed as another suitable open source alternative to Windows.

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