5 Cool Smartphone Apps You Can Use At Home To Improve Your Quality Of Life

You can do plenty of things at home these days with your smartphone in your hand because of the cool apps on the market. Take a look at a few of these examples and you’ll notice straight away how they can improve your life even though they are very simple to use.

Dark Sky


It’s hard to plan your day when you don’t know what the weather is going to be like, so do you go out anyway or do you stay at home relaxing on your couch? Dark Sky will be able to predict the weather so you will know if it’s worth going outside. It will even be able to tell you up to an hour in advance when it’s going to rain, which makes it easy to plan your day effectively if you don’t want to get wet. You can also receive push notifications when it’s about to start raining.




It won’t be long before you throw your traditional telephone away because there is no place for it in your home these days. This is thanks to apps like WeChat that will let you talk with your friends on your phone and you can even look at their face when you’re talking to them. The app also acts a little like a walkie-talkie because you’ll be able to tap the screen and talk to certain friends in the same way. You might also like the fact you can have group chats which you can’t do on a normal land line phone.

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Last Time


How do you keep track of things like appointments and birthdays at the moment? Perhaps everything is stored away inside a little notebook in your bedroom drawer, but it’s very easy to forget things if you don’t check it regularly. Smarter people will hang a calendar or whiteboard to write down all their important dates, but even smarter people will just use an app like Last Time because you’ll be reminded of everything which means you’ll never forget anything again.




Sitting at home trying to work out your finances is tough and it takes up a lot of time. You will have all your bank statements and receipts spread across your dining room table and it can get a bit messy. The best solution is to use LearnVest to deal with all your financial matters at home because you can do everything while you’re chilling out in your living room. Once you get your money situation under control your life will improve and you’ll be able to relax.


Dog Whistler


Do you ever get the feeling your dog is ignoring you when you’re trying to call it inside? If you have a huge garden maybe it can’t hear you, but you can solve that by downloading the Dog Whistler app. It will mimic a real dog whistle and you’ll even be able to play around with the frequency until you find one your dog responds to the most. Just make sure you clean them off before they run into the house with their muddy paws and ruin your hardwood flooring.

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