5 ways to adjust the brightness, darkness of the desktop and laptop screen

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In this tutorial I will guide you how to adjust the brightness of the computer screen.

For laptops, it’s too simple because it is already built into the keyboard. On a desktop computer (Desktop), the adjustment will be a bit difficult for newbies.

Okay, it’s okay! In this tutorial I will share with you all the simplest way to change the brightness and darkness of the PC and Laptop screen so that you have many methods and options for successful implementation.

I. Guide to adjust laptop screen brightness

As I said above, for the Laptop screen, there are many ways. And the way we often use the most and also the fastest is to use keyboard shortcuts.

#first. Use keyboard shortcuts


Usually on the keyboard there will be 2 keys similar to the image above to help you increase or decrease the screen brightness. Each laptop line is designed differently, so these 2 keys are not fixed in any position.

For example, as shown above, you can see it is located with the key F1 and F2. But many machines are in other positions, for example F3, F3 or F9, F10 or also the keys F11, F11….

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Therefore, please pay attention to see where the two icons above (or similar to above) are located on the keyboard to use.

=> How to use: Use key combinations Fn with the key symbol a sun (light).

Fixed an issue where the screen brightness could not be adjusted

There will be a few cases when you use this shortcut faulty, and of course you will not be able to increase or decrease the screen brightness. This error I determined is due to the driver of the video card is old or missing. The simple workaround is to install more video card drivers on the computer.

#2. Adjust screen brightness through Windows Mobility Center

With the Windows Mobility Center tool built into the computer, you can not only adjust the brightness of the screen, but you can also adjust the sound, choose the type of Battery to use, …


You right-click the PIN icon icon on the Taskbar => select Windows Mobility Center as shown below.

Note: A way to open windows Windows Mobility Center Another simpler thing is to press the key combination Windows + X (applies to Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10) => then select Mobility Center.


Okay, a new window appears. Here, you can drag the slider to adjust the brightness of the screen very easily.


# 3. Increase or decrease the screen brightness through the Ajust screen brightness

This way is also very simple, you do the following:

Right-click the icon of Laptop Battery => select the line Adjust screen brightness or Power Options are okay.

Tips: A faster way to open is to open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => enter a command powercfg.cpl => press Enter to do is done.


In the next window, just drag the slider to the left or right to adjust the screen brightness according to your needs.

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In addition, to set the brightness more detailed. Specifically, set the screen brightness when you use the power directly (use the computer while the Adapter is plugged in) or set the brightness when you are using the Laptop Battery power source.


At section Blanced (recommended) => you click on the line Change plan settings to enter more detailed settings.

  • At the column On battery You can adjust the brightness and darkness when using the battery power source.
  • At the column Plugged in You can adjust the brightness and darkness when using the Adapter power supply.

=> Then press Save changes to apply changes. (Only if you clicked Save Changes Only see the change.)


# 4. Increase or decrease the brightness of the Windows 10 screen

If you are using Windows 10 operating system, this is even simpler. You can adjust the screen light extremely quickly.


Click the icon Notifications in Taskbar => and click on the sun icon.

Unlike the slider, you click on this icon to change the brightness level to 0%, 25% 50% 75% and 100% is pre-programmed.


In addition, here, you can also turn on / off night light mode on Windows 10 (Night light) to protect your eyes when you use your computer at night.

II. Adjust the brightness of the desktop screen (Desktop)

Unlike laptops, it’s not that simple. For desktops, the screen brightness increase or decrease is a bit different.

#first. Use F.lux software (recommended)


According to my personal assessment, this is the best way. Using F.lux free software not only adjusts the screen brightness easily, it also protects your eyes when using at night.

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I am using a laptop using Windows 10 operating system, equipped with very complete eye protection modes, but I still use F.lux software because it is very useful to me.

There is already a very detailed tutorial, you can re-read how to use the F.lux software in this article: [F.lux] Software to protect eyes when using computers, prevent eye strain

#2. [MỚI UPDATE] software Twinkle Tray Brightness Slider

Well, according to my personal assessment, this is the best software for adjusting the brightness of the removable screen (PC screen) today.

You can easily create a professional shortcut to increase or decrease screen brightness. I already have a very detailed article, you can read it here:

# 3. A few other ways

For desktop computers, in addition to using F.lux software, you can try with the ways I have instructed for laptops.

In addition, for computers using discrete video cards, you can right-click on the desktop => select the video card you are using. For example, as shown below:

video card 3

In the next window, navigate to the section Adjust desktop color settings to drag the slider left or right to adjust the screen brightness only.

III. Epilogue

Well, above are all of these how to adjust the brightness of the computer screen Desktop or Laptop that you should know.

And in this post I just want to close one thing is, whether you use a desktop or a Laptop, use F.lux software to protect your eyes.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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