8+ Causes of laptop not receiving battery & how to fix it

Laptop does not recognize battery is one of the situations you may encounter while using the product. If your laptop is experiencing this situation, follow the following article to know the cause and how to fix it!

1. Laptop battery charging error does not come due to a problem with the power outlet

– The first thing that you can think of when a battery charge error occurs laptop not coming in is due to a problem with the electrical outlet, causing electricity to not come in Laptop not charging battery.

– How to fix the error of not charging the laptop battery: In this case, temporarily unplug the charger from the power outlet and turn off the computer. Next, remove the battery from the laptop, then proceed to insert the battery back into the laptop and plug in the charger to another outlet.

Laptop does not recognize battery because the first problem mentioned is the socket

2. Laptop battery not charging error due to battery problem

– The second reason that you should think about when you encounter a laptop error that does not recognize the battery is because the battery has a problem such as damaged, bottle.

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– To check if the laptop battery has a problem or not, you can test it by turning off the computer, removing the battery from the laptop, then proceeding to plug in the charger directly for the laptop without the battery. If the laptop is still receiving power and can turn on completely normally, it means that the battery has a problem.

– How to fix the laptop not charging: In this case, you should choose the solution to replace the battery at the genuine repair and warranty centers of the laptop manufacturer you are using.

The laptop cannot charge the battery because your laptop battery is having a problem

3. Laptop battery charging error does not enter due to a problem with the charging cord

– If the power outlet and battery are completely normal but the error still occurs laptop does not recognize battery, then the cause may come from a damaged charging cord. With the naked eye, we will not be able to tell if the charging cord is damaged or not, because it is most likely that the charging cord has been broken inside.

– The way to check is to look at the charger cord along the way to see if there are any ripples or breaks, and when plugging in the laptop charger, if there is a burning smell, it means that your laptop charger cord has a problem.

– How to fix the error that the laptop does not receive the battery: You should replace the new charging cord to fix the error that the laptop battery does not enter.

Laptop battery charging error is not full due to charging cord

4. Laptop battery charging error does not enter due to overheating

– The machine is too hot is also the reason why the laptop does not recognize the battery. When the laptop is overheated, the sensors in the machine will recognize and command the system to stop receiving more power for the battery, thereby indirectly causing the error of charging the laptop battery.

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Laptop battery not charging error because your device is too hot

– How to fix the laptop battery charging error not on:

+ You should ensure that your computer is charged in a cool, dry place. It is possible to use some additional support products such as heat sinks to help the laptop cool better.

+ Battery discharge: Turn off the laptop and remove the battery, other peripherals. Some models have a fixed battery, you can skip this step and open the back panel, remove the battery from the motherboard manually. If unsure, consult a professional. After removing the battery, press and hold the power button for at least 60 seconds to discharge the remaining battery from the motherboard. Leave it overnight and reinsert the battery, plug in the power and reboot. Doing so will also resolve overheating issues that are often associated with plugged in but not charging or not recognizing batteries.

Why does charging the laptop battery not work to fix it when the device is too hot?

5. Laptop battery charging error does not come due to old drivers

– If the driver is too old or has an error, the system will recognize that you are plugged in or not, thereby causing problems laptop does not recognize battery.

– How to fix the error of charging the battery does not enter the laptop: You should update the latest driver for the charging port. Proceed as follows:

How to fix the laptop charger does not turn on, so reinstall the driver

+ Step 1: Right-click “My Computer” on the Windows desktop > select “Manage” > “Device Manager”.

+ Step 2: In the Batteries section, right-click on “Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery”, select “Update Driver” to update the driver. At this point, you just need to restart the device to complete the driver update process for the charging port.

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6. Laptop battery not charging error due to Windows battery protection feature

Fix the error of not being able to charge the laptop battery due to the Windows protection feature

– This feature will stop charging the battery at a certain level even though it has not reached 100%, some devices are at 80%, 90% or very odd numbers like 96-97%.

– How to fix: In this case, you will need to check where the company’s integrated software is located and reinstall it to the original default.

7. Laptop battery charging error does not enter because the operating system is old

– It may sound unrelated but it’s a must try if all the above methods don’t work.

Laptop does not charge battery using too old operating system

>> Reference: How to fix USB error when not receiving the mouse is very easy.

– How to fix laptop not recognizing battery: You should update to fix this error. In addition, you can also try Reset before reinstalling the entire Windows 10 system. How to update Windows 10 operating system as follows:

+ Step 1: Press “Win” + “I” to open “Settings” and click on “Update & Security”

+ Step 2: Check for updates and install them. Don’t forget to restart your computer before checking if the battery is working again.

Fix laptop battery not charging, please update to new operating system

8. The power adapter leads to the laptop not receiving the battery

– There is a possibility that the power adapter is loose leading to this problem. If it’s not loose, it’s possible it won’t work resulting in the battery not being able to charge.

– How to fix: You should try another power adapter.

9. Reconnect the battery, clean the compartment

Fix the error of not being able to charge the laptop battery, clean the battery compartment and reconnect it

– Why is the laptop battery not charging? Although this situation is very rare, you should check if you have dropped the device

– How to fix:

Remove the battery from the laptop and put it back in place. You will hear a click when it is in the correct position.

You should also clean the battery compartment with a dry cloth or blower. Dust can accumulate anywhere and interfere with charging.

With the above information, I wish you to fix the situation laptop does not recognize battery be successful and have satisfying experiences.


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