A guide to using Blockfolio to manage crypto investment assets

In this article, I will introduce you to an application about crypto asset management that I find quite good. It’s the Blockfolio app.

What is Blockfolio?

As mentioned above, it is an application that allows you to check price fluctuations and manage your investment capital anytime, anywhere.

Some functions of the application:

  • View investments at once and details for each coin.
  • Notify the price when it exceeds a pre-set threshold.
  • Update detailed market information for each coin such as order book volume, candlestick chart…
  • Track over thousands of coins like Bitcoin/ Ethereum/ Binance Coin….
  • Update the latest news from reputable crypto websites like coindesk, bitcoin magazine.
  • You can see more currency pairs by Fiat Currency such as CNY,EUR, AUD….

How to use Blockfolio?

First you need to Download the application here:

After the installation is complete, this is the interface of Blockfolio.

Let me explain a bit about the features of Blockfolio.

  • Main Portfolio: This section will show the total amount of assets that you have invested and are calculated in USD. If you want to change to units of Bitcoin, you just need to click twice on this item.
  • 24HR-: This section will show your total assets increase or decrease within 24 hours and is expressed as % or total $.
  • Coins: This section shows the codes of the coins. There is not much to say in this section.
  • Price: This is the price in $ or Bitcoin.
  • Alerts: This item is an alarm for you when the price of that coin is above or below the level you have preset. Stop-Limit style like the floor.
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OK! So you can get a glimpse of the overall interface. Now let’s go into the settings for the coin that I bought.

Set up capital management with Blockfolio

Here, I will use Solana (SOL) as an example. Please apply it to the coins that you have invested.

First I need to add the SOL code by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the “+“.

Then I searched for the SOL code. When you click on the SOL icon. The code will be added to the main page for you.

Then click SOL => Add Transaction.

Next will appear as shown below.

  • Exchange: Select the floor you want to monitor.
  • Bought With: In which currency do you buy tokens (USDT,BTC,ETH,..).
  • Price Per Coin: price/coin purchased (eg I buy 1 Sol = $2, write 2 in).
  • Quantity: Number of coins purchased.
  • Fee: transaction fee.
  • Date: date of purchase/sale.

After filling in enough, you press “SAVE BUY Transaction“below.

The token sale is completely similar, you just need to select the sell item next to it.

To track the coin that you have bought and lost like. Click on that coin and select Profit/Loss.

Here, I will tell you how much I am losing / profit. Specifically, in this example, SOL has made a profit of 5.68%.

There are some other features, you guys can figure it out by yourself to make it more interesting.


So through this article, I have introduced and guided you to manage assets when investing in the crypto market through the Blockfolio application.

Good luck with your investments!!!!

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Source: A guide to using Blockfolio to manage crypto investment assets
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