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All Challenges – what is survival game?

This is a mobile game based on the games in the movie Squid game is a hot trend and appears a lot on social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram…

If anyone has ever seen this movie, they will know what the games in the Squid game are. Those are games with very simple gameplay but it requires meticulous skills, memory and flexibility in the game.

These games will include Candy Split, Tug of war, glass jumping and free play. Each game will help players get a feel for the characters that must participate in the Squid Game.

Games in All Challenges – survival game

Cup of Candy

You will have 60 seconds to separate the shape in the dalgona, here you will have a needle and you will move that needle so that it separates each stroke of the shape in the candy.

If in the movie, our character has a lighter to heat the needle or lick the thin candy to make it easier to separate the image, here you will not have those things. Just move the needle and if you see the newspaper about to break, release your hand.


The trick of this game is not to alternate standing and leaning back for the first time. It’s that you click so that the button on the traction bar is always in the green part. If you click red or orange, you will be dragged away by the opponent.

Jump glasses

You can leave the lights on or off, and you don’t need the ability to see which glass is normal glass and which is tempered glass. All you need to do is keep in mind the blue shards of glass, that’s the glass you can put your feet on.

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One trick is to watch until all tempered glass turns green. Take a screenshot of your screen and then if you can’t remember which glass is blue.

Free fight

You will control a cluster of players and go into one of two frames that double or add the number of characters. In the end, you will have to confront the giant character standing last. The gameplay of this game is similar to many current mobile games.

The games in All Challenges – survival game will put you in the shoes of the player from the movie Squid Game. And if you lose, you won’t get any bullets in your body, but it certainly feels good every time you break a picture in a candy, jump into a regular glass or see a guillotine cutting a zipper in half. for the player.

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