Anhdv Boot 2019 computer rescue toolkit review

Anhdv Boot 2019 computer rescue toolkit review

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Well, in 2018, the author Dang Van Anh shared a great set of computer rescue tools for the community, and I also had a more detailed guide for you. If you like, you can read this article again: 1 Click Multi-function USB BOOT with UEFI-LEGACY standard, integrated Win installer

Overall that toolkit is very good and I am still using it. And I also have no intention of moving to a newer version, because it is a computer rescue tool that does not necessarily need to be upgraded regularly. As long as the computer is broken, it can still boot into Mini Windows.

However, many of you have emailed yourself and informed that there is a new version, Anhdv Boot 2019 version already. And thanks to me writing a tutorial on how to make and compare this new version with the 2018 version, how is it more stable πŸ™‚

Actually, on the home page, the author also has a very detailed tutorial, but many of you still like to write a new article cΕ©ng But also thank you for that, because those are the great motivations. So I can continue to write articles to share a little knowledge that I know with the community.

Okay, back to the main topic of this article. In fact, I have also tested the usb boot created with this Anhdv 2019 boot version for about a week and has a surplus. And I also highly appreciate this version, currently in the process of using, I have not seen any errors arise, or maybe because I have not used much and have not used all the features of this rescue kit. .

I. Some major changes in the version Anhdv 2019 boot?

This is the original information from the author!


II. Advantages of Anhdv boot rescue toolkit 2019

There are still outstanding advantages like the 2018 Anhdv boot version, which are:

  • Toots support to create usb bootable with just 1 click.
  • Support booting on both current computer standards are UEFI and LEGACY.
  • Support to create USB BOOT with hidden partition (or 1 create usb boot with 1 partition as normal).
  • The software has all been updated to a new version, so it will be more useful in some rescue cases.
  • Internet access support when you have entered Mini Windows.
  • Support integrating Windows installer into USB BOOT (many of you like this, but I don’t find it much meaningful πŸ˜€)
  • Works quite smooth and stable.

Temporarily, for now, I have not discovered any errors when using it. Ah, there is only a small error when creating the usb boot, it shows the wrong partition only. But this Fix is ​​very simple πŸ™‚ later to the tutorial, I will show you.

III. Download the latest Anhdv Boot 2019 rescue kit

Please press the button Like to get the download link! The Like button is not actually eaten, but due to copyright reasons, please understand πŸ™‚

Note: Before you start, you should temporarily turn off the anti-virus program on the computer first, because this Anhdv Boot set contains 120+ software (including most of the copyrighted software that have been pre-activated. so it may be mistakenly identified as a virus.

IV. How to create USB BOOT with Anhdv Boot 2019

Yes, how to create is extremely simple and also completely similar to previous versions only. However, I still took pictures to show you the new interface, as well as the steps to make it easier for you to imagine.

Let’s do it …… ..

+ Step 1: You unzip the downloaded file (use WinRAR or 7-Zip the latest version for you) => now you will see there are 2 files and 1 folder as shown below. Right-click on the file One_Click_Anhdv_Boot_2019.exe => and select Run as administrator to run as administrator.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (1) how-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (1)

+ Step 2: In the next interface, select the display language in the process of making USB BOOT. Here I enter the number 1 and press Enter to select Vietnamese language.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (2)

+ Step 3: Next, you select the correct USB that you want to create USB BOOT. Surely, look at the capacity section.

I enter the number 2 => and press Enter to perform.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (3)

+ Step 4: Here, you will have 2 options:

  • Import y => and press Enter: You will create a bootable usb with 2 partitions (1 boot partition with FAT32 format and 1 partition containing data with NTFS format).
  • Import n => and press Enter: At this point you will create a normal bootable usb, ie only 1 partition with FAT32 format.

=> This place is optional, but I recommend you create usb boot with hidden partition to be able to store files with> 4GB capacity.

I press y => and press Enter to perform.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (4)

+ Step 5: Note that this step Tools will perform your usb Format according to the above option, so if there is any important data in the USB, then quickly copy it out.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (5)

+ Step 6: This step I explain as follows:


By default, the author to this partition has more than 2GB (2150 MB) of storage. If you want to integrate more Mini Windows 7/8 then you must add 1 GB (1000 MB). That means your hidden partition will have a size of 2048 + 1000 = 3048 MB (ie 3 GB).

Or if you want to add Bitdefender to USB BOOT, you have to add 700 MB to it… .., that is 2048 + 700 = 2748 MB (nearly 3 GB)…

……………. Just like that, if you want to integrate additional ISO files in the column in the table below, you add each of that MB. The more you want to integrate more, the capacity of the hidden partition will increase and the partition to store data will be less.

=> Here I just want to integrate more Modul Mini Windows 7/8 and tools Bitdefender Just enter so I will enter the capacity as 1000 + 700 = 1700. I play loud, enter 1800 politely ^^!

Well forget, if you don’t want any more integration then enter the number 0 => and press Enter Please. If your USB capacity is about 8 GB or less, it should not be integrated. It’s better to have free space to save data!

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (6)

+ Step 7: Yes, after pressing Enter then the process of Format USB tape with BOOTICE tool will take place as shown below, your job is to wait!

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (7)

+ Step 8: This is the most difficult step. Please wait until it’s finished, it’s been a while πŸ˜›

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (8)

+ Step 9: Okey, after the process of copying data via USB BOOT is complete, it’s time your USB BOOT is complete and can be used.

A window appears, now you should follow the instructions in the notification window. That is to unplug the USB and re-plug it to see if it shows the correct partition or not.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (10)

Like me, after drawing the wrong partition, instead of showing the partition USB-DATA then it shows partitions again USB-BOOT like this.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (11)

However, do not know if this is the intention of the author or not. I find it convenient to show the wrong partition, if you want to integrate Mini Windows 7/8 or something into it, you can do it πŸ™‚

But if you want to integrate later, and want to show it the correct partition, press n in the above message window => and press Enter.

Now the partition is displayed correctly.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (12)

Tips: In case you accidentally turn off the last window, the window will show you the correct partition USB-DATA then you don’t have to worry.

Please run the file again One_Click_Anhdv_Boot_2019.exe => then choose number option 5 as shown below is fine.

How-to-usb-boot-bang-anhdv-boot-2019 (13)

+ Step 10: Let’s test USB BOOT!

Interface boot on standard computers UEFI – GPT
Interface boot on standard computer LEGACY – MBR

Meaning of the items in the Boot Menu:


  • WinPE & Windows Setup: To access Mini Windows or install Windows if you have integrated the Windows installer.
  • Dos Tools & Antivirus: Dos based tools and virus scans from Dos.
  • Linux: Boot Linux from usb Anhdv Boot.
  • Find and Boot OS from HDD: Find and start the operating systems installed on the hard drive.
  • Clover: Only in UEFI – Use bootloader Clover
  • rEFInd: UEFI only – Use bootloader rEFInd.
  • Grub4dos: Legacy only – Use the Grub4dos bootloader (if Grub2 is slow, this should be selected).

V. Fix some errors when using Anhdv Boot 2019

Here are some errors you will likely encounter during using this image rescue toolkit.

1. Error can not boot into Anhdv Boot

This Anhdv Boot 2019 version uses Grub2 make default bootloader because Grub2 is compatible very well with most of today’s motherboards.

However, there are still some cases where booting is very slow or even fails to boot at all. Then now you need to change the bootloader Grub4dos is done.


You run the tool One_Click_Anhdv_Boot_2019.exe => select language => and select number option 3 => and press Enter.


In the next window there are many choices, but I will enter 3 => and press Enter to change the bootloader back to Grub4dos.


Note: Okay, likewise, you can change to other types of Bootloader or change back to default if you want.

2. Updatting …… ..

Okay, basically. After completing the steps above, you have a very complete USB BOOT already.

As for integrating the win installer into USB, I don’t find it necessary, if you like integration, you can refer to the author’s home page.

Link here:

I just copy the installer into the USB, then go to Mini Windows => then install win in Mini Win only. Very simple, no need to be cumbersome πŸ˜€

Refer to the article to download the original Windows installer from Microsoft if you are planning to install win for your computer!


Yes, that is quite complete already, there are many ways to create professional boot usb but Anhdv Boot’s computer rescue kit is always trusted by me. And out of the 4 USBs, there are always at least 2 sets of Anhdv Boot πŸ˜€

Okey, and here I would like to end the article How to create usb bootable with Anhdv Boot 2019 Here, I will update more errors if any in this article for you to follow.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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