Before Buying Computer Parts

Today we are going to cover topic , regarding doing the shopping for the computer parts and peripherals . We are going to take look at every major and basic part which is necessary for computer or gaming rig . I have seen many people buying computer and they do not care for these thing which i am gonna mention , So here we go for the each part,


The basic component of the computer and yet not be cared , most of people just like to go with the name of the manufacturer and with its price and name. But few people consider name with some technical specifications . One tip , Have a motherboard which can support future upcoming processors , rams , graphic cards etc . Which can support greater bus speed for RAM , No matter if its Rampage Or Pro Series . I repeat dont go with the name of the motherboard.


The core item of the computer and known as the brain of the computer , it is responsible for the processing and for all the work .Remember the clock speed of the processor and also note the amount of voltage it can sustain if you want to overclock it. Check the technology used in processor , Is it ivy or sandy bridge . How Much Cores ?

Graphic Cards/3D Cards

For the gamers , 3D cards are the heart . But before buying a  gaming graphic card , see its display features whether it supports DVI or HDMI . Can it handle multiple displays or not . How much clock speed ? How Much Core Speed ? Is it DDR2 or DDR3 ? Does it Support SLI or Crossfire ?

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Power Supply

Remember your computer will not be a good computer unless you provide it with good power strength . Kindly See the power of the  power supply , that can it handle all your components or not .

Hard Disk

You have to store data somewhere . Here the hard disk drives come in handy . Before buying storage space for the computer , See if you are able to SSD or Not because SSD are way faster and enhance the performance of the computer upto 75% . Check the RPM of the Hard Disk Drive  and it is obvious to check the space of the hard disk drive or SSD . The Cache And Buffer of the hard disk drive also come in handly when looking for the fast data rate hard disk .


Last but not least , the ram has to be there in order to get things running , while buying ram keep in mind that buy the maximum bus speed which can be supported by your mother board . For example if motherboard can support 1600MHZ,2000MHZ,2200MHZ . Try to buy 2200MHZ if not available then go for less one . Also which technology you are looking for DDR,DD2 Or DDR3 .

I hope we covered all the major parts of computer , when it comes to buying . If you want to ask for something else kindly send us request and we will be glad to help you .

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