Top 7 Best Headset For Discord – Overview And Buying Guide

Discord is an excellent method to communicate with other gamers.

It provides an unprecedented degree of access to the realm of enormously multiplayer gameplay, which has grown in popularity over the seasons.

To fully use discord’s fantastic chat tools, you will want the best headset for discord or a recording device.

The most incredible headphones for Zwift discord will be an excellent pick since it delivers the optimum fingers pleasure.

You do not have to create space on your workstation for a speaker, although, with headphones discord server, the sensor has always been close to your lips, just where everything just ought to be enough to collect up your conversation.

Let us take you to go around firstly with our top 4 picks:

Discord Headphones Comparison Chart


#1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity 

  • Hi-Res Speaker Drivers
  • DTS Headphone: X v2.0 Surround for PC
#2. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

#2. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

  • Lightweight 
  • Retractable Noise Isolating
  • For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One,...
  • 3.5 mm Jack 
#3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

#3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

  • Comfortable 
  • Memory Foam
  • Swivel to Mute Noise
#4. Pacrate Headset Noise Cancelling

#4. Pacrate Headset Noise Cancelling

  • With Microphone Stereo 
  • For Kids Adults 
  • Over-Ear
#5. HyperX Cloud Alpha

#5. HyperX Cloud Alpha

  • Dual Chamber Drivers,
  • Legendary Comfort,
  • Aluminum Frame, 
  • Detachable Microphone
#6. NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

#6. NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

  • Over Ear 
  • Flexible 
  • Volume Control with Mic
#7. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

#7. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

  • THX 7.1 Spatial Surround Sound
  • 50mm Drivers
  • Detachable Mic 
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Top 7 Best Headset For Discord Review

#1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity 

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This SteelSeries Arctis Professional seems to be a durable and comfy wireless headset for discord.

It includes an aluminum body as well as an elasticated tension strap similar to swimming goggles.

Unlike most other tension straps, this Arctis Pro has an adhesive piece, which allows you to modify the tension.

We tightened the wristband briefly and have seldom had to bother about this afterward.

It was precisely modest enough to cover snuggly on our heads without causing any discomfort.

The gaming headset for discord is mounted on significantly spaced joints and includes airwave cloth cushions.

Consider it a cross between leatherette and velvet; it is far more stretchy than leatherette but firmer than velvet.

Nonetheless, it is pretty comfy, and we have always rarely had any problems using these for extended periods.

Those airweave patches would not become as scorching as leatherette since they are spacious enough to go across our ears gently.

Unfortunately, they do not always function as smoothly with eyeglasses as velvet, thus needing to be replaced.

Each left headset includes a foldable microphone that stretches about three inches on a flexible cable and rests virtually flat when not used.

This one has a pause switch that your Bluetooth headset discord mutes everything, a volume slider, a 3.5micrometers connector, and a connection for the wire leading to the Playstation Amplifier.

Those headsets are only available in the wired form, but there have been a variety of connecting choices.

The Match DAC equipment may be connected to a Desktop computer through Ethernet, a Playstation Four through optical cable (in conjunction with the Type – c wire), or perhaps a smartphone and comparable vehicle headset port utilizing the supplied 3.5micrometers adapter.


  • Extremely relaxing
  • DAC provides several possibilities.
  • Great
  • Excellent audio


  • Mic frequently peaks

#2. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

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This Razer Kraken headphone is designed for budget-conscious players, but it also functions effectively for anybody who requires over-ears, including an incorporated dynamic microphone.

They are not meant to be taken away from your playing console, as well as they come with a specific sound splitter connection for PCs with distinct connections.

All of those are platform-independent.

They are compatible with PCs, Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches, and portable devices.

Our best discord headset operation is as simple as it gets.

Everything you should accomplish is connecting it to your computer and start enjoying it.

Whether your laptop includes distinct sound and microphone connections, you will have to utilize the supplied divider to get maximum capabilities.

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In taking a stand, the universal omnidirectional boom microphone is highly accommodating.

Position the diaphragmatic flat to your lips for the best speech production.

Its ultra-light fabric, along with the concealed optical openings, makes them glasses-friendly.

The headpiece, as well as slider, are made of polycarbonate-ABS, robust thermoplastic.

These canals relieve tension at the forehead.

Furthermore, these reminiscence cushion ear cushions add to overall convenience.

Regrettably, the earpieces are still not consumer changeable with a two-year extended guarantee.

The 40mm powerful speakers replicate a genuine depiction of three-dimensional dimensions, which every player would expect from a headphone—this plausible interpretation of audio aids in a temporally understanding opponent location.

While we played Destiny, extraterrestrial movements were simple to detect, and we could guess which entrances possible dangers would come.


  • Immersive audio in 7.1 units
  • Temple strain is relieved by eyeglass systems.
  • Interoperability between platforms
  • Onboard command and management


  • Multichannel audio is only available under Windows 10 and does not rotate the ear cups

#3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

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Our following product, HyperX Cloud, has been known as a pair of wired entry-level video game headsets from HyperX.

Despite their thick plastic chassis, they are relatively compact for over-ears as well as may be comfy enough for lengthy play periods.

This trend microphone takes up the conversation even if you are playing at a house or maybe in a competition.

Because of its all-black aluminum construction and minimal scarlet embellishments, this HyperX Cloud S has a somewhat showy and, thus, more modest appearance.

The gameplay headphones have sophisticated mic screens, which reduce background sounds as well as enable your speech smoother and sharper so that other friends can hear you when playing video games.

Their G Hub system may also be used to modify the audio.

Those HyperX Cloud headphones are comfy.

Their ear cushions are large enough to accommodate most consumers.

The compact and do not feel overly restrictive on your forehead is ideal if you are from the middle of a multi-hour playthrough.

The cushioning is also pleasant, but it is not as smooth or fluffy as the cushioning on some other gameplay earphones we have tried.

Like some other HyperX headsets like those HyperX revolvers and some HyperX Cloud2/Cloud II, those headsets form a seal surrounding your ears, which might trap heat.

Whenever you work out while using headphones, your ears may grow and get heated rapidly.

Because they are generally closed-back over-ear headsets, they will restrict circulation and are far less comfortable in general.

Nonetheless, if you are going to use those headsets for discord, their ventilation will not be an issue.

Lag is minimal due to its connected construction.

They are, nevertheless, designed for entertainment.

They might not be as showy as other entertainment headsets, as well as the expansion microphone is indeed not removable.

They do not separate enough sound to be comfortable while commuting.

Nonetheless, whether you are seeking low-cost playing games headsets, they are a good choice.


  • The layout is friendly
  • Great boom microphone


  • Rugged and cheap plastic construction
  • The control method is quite restricted

#4. Pacrate Headset Noise Cancelling

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Our Pacrate Gaming Headphone is indeed the perfect choice if you want a comfy headphone with high-quality sound.

Its Pacrate incorporates 50mm sound components and sophisticated sound technologies to enhance your gameplay enjoyment.

Their sensitive sound employs superior hearing technology, allowing you to understand your enemy’s footsteps, gunfire, and other sounds.

The gaming headphone is conveniently built-in in addition to its well-crafted noise-canceling features.

To provide optimum satisfaction, our Pancrate Headphone has a smooth and durable ear cushion as well as a reinforced headband.

You might perform for a lengthy period as an ardent player.

The headphone already has a hypersensitive and customizable microphone featuring noise-canceling functionality.

The headgear allows for real-time communications while filtering out background sound from your peers.

Simultaneously period, you may instantly switch off the speaker or change the intensity to preserve your confidentiality.

Furthermore, the headset’s anti-static microphone innovation eliminates static sounds.

The Pacrate Headphone uses a nylon woven cord, which is typical in high-end headphones.

The function strengthens the headphones by rendering them much more robust, challenging to twist, as well as dust resistant.

Its LED illumination in the online multiplayer headgear adds to the enjoyment and engagement of the gameplay encounter.


  • Surround audio
  • A strategically positioned microphone
  • Fabric with a robust construction that is pleasant to use for extended periods


  • Not waterproof

#5. HyperX Cloud Alpha

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In summary, this HyperX Alpha has been created with sturdiness and convenience in consideration from the start.

Both strap and forks have been made of sturdy steel, and every moving element of the headgear is safeguarded by either strong joints or substantial cushioning.

These earcups are composed of solid plastic that encircles a metal base, as well as they employ an extremely dense earpad to adhere to your ears.

This same HyperX Virtualized Alpha is among the best robust headphones on the marketplace, from the minute you get it outside the packaging to the minute you chuck it all around the house following your work in collaboration, mess up again for the hundredth occasion.

If the wires or microphones are damaged, they may be detached from the headgear and updated for a small fee rather than rebuilding the entire system.

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Your HyperX Alpha could be connected to almost everything that has a 3.5micrometers headset port.

There are no expensive technology hooks and whistles required; this is simply ordinary plug-and-play headphones.

The microphone seems to be a touch weird, but it is generally well designed to meet voice communication needs.

If you have a thick accent, you might notice that this makes you seem a little unusual when using speech applications like discord.

Nevertheless, the great majority of individuals will not experience the same issues that we did.

In comparison to the Virtualized Flight S, this HyperX Alpha has a higher level of build excellence.

Neither appears to be prone to breaking; however, you will probably choose the Alpha version if you value convenience and appearance.


  • Wonderful audio quality
  • Outstanding seclusion
  • Outstanding long-term endurance
  • Remote


  • Not very transportable
  • There are no other features

#6. NUBWO U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset

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We are going to evaluate an additional set of headsets, this time among the best headphones for discord called the Nubwo U3.

Here is really a wired gameplay headphone that costs almost nothing, which is the most incredible gaming headphones you might purchase for the money.

Consequently, in the package, you will receive the headphone hardware as well as a 3.5-millimeter sound connection, allowing you to utilize this equipment with a desktop.

In addition to the PSP, Ps4, MacBook, and smartphone, you will receive a sound and microphone connection wire as well as windscreen protection for the headphone.

It is wrapped so that we will buy it, and you will ensure those connections should endure a long time, and somehow this will not have become another of the problematic areas.

We started more sophisticated, cleaner, and slimmer.

It has excellent sturdy construction and appears to be vintage headgear.

It does not feature any dazzling bulbs and anything else that you could not anticipate seeing at this price.

The first point you recognize would be that the headphones must have large earpieces that suggest they are around above.

Its earpieces are produced of long-lasting material with something like a ceramic coating appearance, which we think appears terrific.

They match excellently across your earholes, attempting to make them extra sound separating thanks to the ample, delicate ear padding.

They are comfy, making it possible to use the headgear for prolonged periods.

This upper headgear component is composed of steel, so it is impressive since it would not have to be modified regularly but rather suits you once you take them on.


  • Compact and extremely comfy
  • Superior material
  • Best low-cost headphones
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Fantastic bass
  • Noise reduction


  • No Bluetooth

#7. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless

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The majority of this wired headphone is constructed of plastic, featuring frameless joints as well as oversized padded headbands.

It has a similar somewhat understated appearance as that of its Razer BlackShark.

Thus although it is undeniably a gameplay headphone, there are no colorful LEDs or significant rectangular mechanical embellishments.

The only major aesthetic variation between their BlackShark V2 Professional and its forerun, the Razer symbol, is a faint, polished blackness that sticks out just marginally from the smooth headsets.

It seems to be an extremely pleasant headphone.

It features memory cushion earpads covered in leather beneath a lattice material, allowing for a good closure and preventing temperature accumulation after extended periods.

The frameless hinges, on the other hand, have a sloppy feel about them.

The headgear has a mic pause handle, a charge toggle, and the similarly conspicuous speed lever as its BlackShark V2, somewhat on the surface of the curve earphone.

This Razer BlackShark V2 Professional, like nearly every other mobile gameplay headphone on the marketplace, interfaces to your Desktop computer or platform of preference through a 2.5 GHz Ethernet RF converter for lag-free Bluetooth sound.

Employing your BlackShark V2 Professional is honestly relatively simple.

It is not difficult to modify, and the headset connectors get good strength and flexibility, so varied skull forms would not be a problem.

The charge and mic silence buttons have a comparable form, and both have a considerably broader elevation, then you can tell whichever one you are holding by sensation.

The improved microphone upon that BlackShark V2 Professional significantly improves call experience over its predecessors.

It may not boast the most extended energy lifespan on the marketplace, but this is not far behind.

The narrower hinges reduce the device separation but are not enough to detract from the general encounter.


  • Rechargeable
  • Breathable
  • Large Mic Enhancement
  • Audio


  • Separation seems worse than with the standard BlackShark V2
  • Mobile prices have skyrocketed
  • On consoles, it is not as great

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Headset For Discord

With so many options to pick from, deciding on the best headset for discord may be difficult.

Since you may buy the discord Bluetooth headphones bad quality, consider what is more important to you choosing a gameplay headphone to simplify your job more quickly.

Below is a range of more things to think about before reaching a choice.

These elements are as follows:


Among the most important aspects to examine when purchasing headphones is comfort.

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In Fact, everyone wants to happen right now.

Nonetheless, most individuals do not consider this function until they use the gadget for an extended time.

It is difficult to evaluate how pleasant a headphone is simply by glancing at it.

The most straightforward approach to discovering out would be to try something on for several moments when purchasing.

You may likewise inspect the earpieces to confirm that the pads are comfortable as well as that their hold is firm enough to keep them in line.

You might get compact headphones if you do not like big ones.

Sound Quality

Every one of the Discord headphones mentioned below will allow you to communicate with your Discord pals throughout playing.

When you simply wish to chill out and play games and therefore are not concerned with perfectly clarity life-like audio, a mono alternative at a lesser price is an alternative.

When you like to have a genuinely realistic playing encounter, you need to invest in such a higher-end headphone.

In principle, the bigger the speaker, the greater the audio, so keep this in mind while shopping for headphones.

Multichannel audio is essential for the most extraordinarily powerful audio.

Therefore select a device with that function for the most fabulous furious gameplay.

This may undoubtedly make determining the source of audio simpler, which may enhance your gaming.

Microphone Quality

When speaking, nobody wishes to sound the same as a machine.

Even whether performing or delivering a conference, your accent ought to be smooth.

In summary, a great-tuned built-in microphone will give enough clarity in the majority of cases.


Either wired or portable wireless headphones have advantages and disadvantages.

You will not be worried about your charge expiring if you choose the connected alternative.

Wires, on the other hand, might catch and pull, causing harm to your headsets.

You are indeed restricted to a particular location and must withdraw your headphones if you depart that zone.

Therefore you must guarantee that your connection is lengthy sufficiently to approach in which you are operating.

Wireless headphones provide more mobility and eliminate the possibility of a damaged cord delivering your headphone to the cemetery; nevertheless, this mobility occurs at an expense.

Wireless headphones must be recharged regularly and also feature a local battery capacity.

When you do not recharge your headphones or even perform for an extended amount of time without recharging them, their battery packs can expire.

The majority of headphones require a minimum of four hours to restore to complete battery capacity.

In addition, wireless headphones are sometimes considerably more costly than tethered headphones.


Q: What headset works best with discord?

A: All the gaming headset for discord that we have mentioned above is serving for the Discord communication purpose, so you can consider choosing one of them.

Q: Do I need a headset for the discord?

A: The majority of video game players are online multiplayer enthusiasts, as well as the majority of them utilize discord.

Whether you enjoy participating in online multiplayer activities, you understand that effective interaction may be the key to winning.

Discord-certified headphones do offer a few built-in benefits.

Q: What are discord certified headsets?

A: An approved gadget based on discord is created in collaboration with the equipment manufacturers to give the most satisfactory out-of-the-box performance.

When you connect in your equipment, discord may tell you that it has been certified.

Q: Can you use a headset with discord?

A: Access the Settings section in discord by pressing the lower-left corner gear symbol near your username and profile.

Choose the item you are attempting to set up.

Click the drop-down box below, Input Method, to select the microphone as well as the headphone Discord needs to use.

Q: Do Apple earbuds work with discord?

A: Thankfully, the response is indeed a hearty yes.

You can utilize your Apple headsets on your computer for audio without causing problems, but they may even be utilized as a microphone on a computer.

Q: How do I make my mic sound better on discord?

A: Adjusting the bandwidth, getting a more substantial microphone, as well as other comparable adjustments, may enhance the clarity of your incoming sound while simultaneously making it easier to understand what people are expressing in conversation.

Q: Can’t use Airpods on discord?

A: You may utilize your AirPods typically to hear stuff on the computer and discord, along with your computer mic to chat to anyone.

You may utilize these AirPods as computer headsets.

In contrast, the microphone is still being used.

Q: Why can no one hear me on discord?

A: The cause of this problem is a generally incorrect audio configuration or your sound equipment not being configured as the standard input.


With several headphone alternatives available, this overview will assist you in recognizing the various sorts of sound clarity, designs, and comfort degrees given by our best headset for discord.

We will be honest.

Buying high-quality discord headphones at a tight cost might be difficult.

Nevertheless, we tried out our best way to present everyone with the finest discord headphones.

All of the headphones described in this post are excellent for using with discord.

However, assuming we pick one, we would go for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Gaming Headset.

This headphone delivers the most outstanding sound performance and convenience throughout its price category compared to other ones.

Now the choice is yours! Let us know whenever you have anything unclear in need.

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