Top 9 Best Monitor For League Of Legends To Take Part In High-End Battles

League of Legends is one of the most favorite games currently.

Most gamers want to have the best image and graphic experience while playing this game.

If you are a LoL player, I believe you will need to buy the best monitor for League of Legends to participate in top matches.

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You may use the existing screen without risks; however, you may still sometimes experience a bit of trouble when your graphics experience is not as expected, even if you may lose because the monitor has unintentional risks.

I think you always want to own a monitor with a high resolution, a high refresh rate, and a low response time.

To do this, let’s follow our article right now.

Here are our top picks:

Top 9 Best Monitor For League Of Legends

#1. LG 27GL83A 27″ LED Gaming Monitor

LG 27GL83A 27″ LED Gaming Monitor owns the quickest IPS panels.

These panels can bring a screen with more vibrant colors; the viewing angles will be much better than VA ones.

The IPS panels also have a slow time to respond.

You can get a blur-free monitor due to its excellent motion.

This LOL 27 inch monitor is relatively large to play a game.

However, it is ideal for general utilize.

You can adjust the 1920 x 1080 size if you do not like a widescreen.

The 27GL83A screen also has a crisp 1440p resolution.

Thus, you can enjoy higher-quality graphics.

Not only that, but the input lag reaches the high-quality gaming screen standard.

This monitor also includes a response time of 1 millisecond.

It is compatible with FreeSync and Sync (no monitor tearing).


  • The IPS panels are excellent
  • The input lag achieves high quality
  • Low response time
  • Large display


  • It is slower than VA panels
  • IPS glow appears while seeing the dark scene in a dark space

#2. Dell S2721HGF Curved 27″ 144Hz 

Dell S2721HGF Curved 27″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor is a great monitor for LoL at a reasonable price.

It can remove monitor-taring effectively with the advanced (motion blur reduction technology (MBR).

This tech is helpful when you do not often move in-game matches.

The S2721HGF has an ultra-wide curved monitor, so you can see many exciting things in the LoL world simultaneously without using a mouse or a scroll.

Its input latency is also low (about 4 milliseconds) due to the Moving Picture Response Time feature (MPRT).

This means there will be no noticeable difference between your inputs and the display.

Additionally, the MPRT function can also decrease ghosting well.


  • The refresh rate is rapid (144 hertz)
  • The input latency is low
  • The incredible curved screen
  • Excellent contrast for deep black positions
  • Limit ghosting
  • Reasonable price


  • The fast-moving objects can create ghosting in darker scenes

#3. ASUS VG248QE 24″ 144Hz GM

ASUS VG248QE 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor is one of the most popular gaming monitors for League of Legends, with a resolution of 1080p and a renewal rate of 144 hertz.

This 24-inch display includes an input lag of approximately 5 milliseconds.

Most gamers assume that the VG248QE screen has the outstanding performance to play LoL every day.

It also has a TN panel to give a good response time, but the color quality and viewing angles will decrease.

The ghosting is minimal, and the moving objects are faster due to a response time of 1 millisecond.

In addition, you can save money to purchase an external speaker thanks to its excellent built-in speaker array.


  • The refresh rate is quick
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent built-in speaker array
  • The input delay is low
  • The response time is good
  • The TN panel is ultra-rapid


  • Incompatible with G-Sync and FreeSync
  • HDMI has no 120Hz+ support
  • You have to adjust image setting options to get nice colors

#4. Dell ‎S2719DGF S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit

If you want an experienced sharp image without monitor tearing, you will like Dell ‎S2719DGF S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor.

Its fast refresh rate is 155 hertz, very impressive.

The manufacturer also synchronizes AMD free to provide ultra-smooth pictures.

The ‎S2719DGF screen’s input lag is minimum so that you can reach blazing quick and sensitive gameplay.

Its response time is also speedy (1 millisecond).

Thanks to the crisp QHD resolution, you will immerse yourself in a vivid edge-to-edge game.

If you are lost in the 3.68 million pixels, twice as much as a Full HD screen, don’t be surprised.

The outstanding curved monitor will bring you the best feeling visuals.

Moreover, you can get the ideal viewing angle by adjusting the height, swivel, pivot, and tilt.

Hence, you can play LoL for hours without being tired.

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This monitor also owns a recon-blue metallic finishing to create a unified and perfect appearance.


  • Experience sharp picture
  • The rapid renewal rate
  • The input lag is minimal
  • The response time is fast
  • The TN panel is ultra-rapid
  • Nice design
  • Easy to connect with other secondary devices (the gaming console, mouse, keyboard, headphones) due to many input ports


  • Pretty expensive
  • The color is not consistent if you divide the display into 2 parts

#5. ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor is a device that brings to you 2 options for adjusting the size (24 and 34 inches).

It is convenient for gaming, designing, and watching movies.

It will also provide you high-speed graphics, frame rates, and crispiness.

Additionally, the slim bezel design can make the best balance for gaming resolution and display size.

The NVIDIA G SYNC technology also supports eliminating screen tearing and stutter.

Hence, you can have an empowering and smooth visual experience while using it.

Besides, you can protect your eyes against strain better while playing games or working within hours because the manufacturer has built-in the Ultra-Low Blue Light Filters and ASUS Eye Care technology for it.

Its price may not suit the majority.

This screen also has some excess modes and programs.

However, it can give you an outstanding performance and output picture.


  • The refresh rate is impressive (165 hertz, support 144 hertz, it may be up to 240)
  • It can ensure the highest image quality
  • You can adjust swivel, pivot, stand, and tilt angles
  • Safe for eyes
  • Built-In Dual-Link DVI D, HDMI Ports, and DisplayPort


  • The price is relatively high
  • Some unnecessary programs
  • The base is small, not suitable for a widescreen
  • The swivel ability is limited

#6. Acer Predator XB253Q Monitor

Acer Predator XB253Q Monitor owns a full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and does not impact gaming performance.

The 24.

5-inch display, an IPS panel, and impressive specifications support the refresh rate well (up to 280 hertz).

Thus, the frame per second’s speed will reach a mythic level to make ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes.

Besides, the XB253Q screen is also compatible with G-SYNC that can improve your gaming experience.

Not only that, but the In-Plane Switching Technology has an advanced liquid crystal formula to give you high-end color performance without any difference at all viewing angles.

You can utilize the RGB Light Sense to activate the built-in lighting bar.

Thus you will create an immersive space as the light monitor syncs with your game and music.

You will have a few options, including.

  • Basic Control has 9 lighting effect modes.
  • Music Sync lets you change the patterns and colors to fit the playing music.
  • Screen Sync provides the shown color and the original colors that are blended well.
  • Game Sync helps lighting effects suit dynamic game events.

Additionally, some technologies (Acer EyeProtect’s Flickr-less, Blue-light Filter, ComfyView, Low-dimming technology) will protect your eyes.

You can also preserve your backbone with an ergonomically designed stand to adjust tilt, swivel, and height.

Furthermore, this monitor also includes detailed color settings to ensure you will catch all threats and knock out every competitor, such as.

  • The black level adjustment (dark boost) can reduce the screen brightness.
  • Aim-point assistance supports you to pass all opponents to get an excellent shot.

Alternatively, Zero Frame Design removes the thick frames to free up your display space and get the most extensive area to view everything on the screen comfortably.


  • The frame per second’s speed is ultra-fast
  • The fast refresh rate
  • High-end visual quality mixes with music and game well
  • Make sure your eyes are safe
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Adjusting dark level quickly
  • The zero frames provide the edge-to-edge screen


  • G-SYNC may have risks
  • The after-sale service is not good
  • The monitor is sometimes disturbed

#7. Acer XF250Q Gaming Monitor

If you like Acer’s products at a lower price, you can choose Acer XF250Q Gaming Monitor.

The XF250Q screen has a size of 24.

5 inches with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9, which presents high quality and stunning visuals with deep detail.

The manufacturer designed it for gaming.

This monitor can be compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC to work smoothly with GeForce graphics cards.

Therefore, you can play LoL on a tear-free display with maximum refresh rates (240 hertz).

This optimal rate also decreases frame rendering time and input lag.

It also protects your soul windows with the same technologies as the Acer Predator XB253Q Monitor by limiting eye strain.

The XF250Q monitor’s response time is quick (1 millisecond Gray to Gray) to improve gamers’ experience.

Due to the Acer XF series, all movements and actions will be smooth without smearing, blur, or ghosting.

Alternatively, the Acer ErgoStand feature allows the screen to move up and down, tilt, swivel, and pivot.

Thus, you can get the perfect viewing angle to see clearly your enemy territory.


  • Affordable price
  • High quality and detailed picture
  • Rapid response time and refresh rate
  • Eyes-friendly
  • Adjusting the viewing angles easily
  • Borderless screen


  • The white noise may appear while turning on the screen
  • The connection often happens
  • The minimal light level is relatively high

#8. Alienware AW3420DW 

Alienware AW3420DW Gaming Monitor is one of the most favorite monitors for gamers recently.

It includes a 34-inch Ultra-wide 21:9 Curved IPS display with a high resolution (3440 x 1440) and a refresh rate of 120 hertz.

Although the refresh rate is not high compared to its competitors, it’s suitable for its display size.

You can avoid fatigue, thanks to the LED backlight and flicker-free technology.

Besides, the monitor resolution is overly high for Lol and other games.

Thus, you should choose 2560 x 1440 or 1920 x 1080 modes to play games comfortably.

Overall, the AW3420DW monitor is a class gaming display with the great build quality.


  • The IPS panel has vivid colors and low input delay
  • Excellent color configuration
  • FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility
  • The RGB lighting is programmable
  • The 34-inch curved monitor gives a fantastic gaming experience
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  • Premium segment
  • Not include HDR support
  • There are a few errors when fast motions are happening

#9. Alienware AW2720HF

If you are looking for Alienware monitors at a reasonable price, Alienware AW2720HF Gaming Monitor will be an ideal choice.

It is a high-quality screen with a perfect crisp and vibrant colors to play LoL.

The AW2720HF display’s refresh rate is also outstanding (240 hertz) to help you come to victory as soon as possible.

You can also use this screen for the newest graphics cards due to the 2540 x 1440 resolution and 1-millisecond response time.

The most vivid colors will appear to support your work.

Furthermore, its input lag is about 2 milliseconds.

As you can see, it is faster than any monitor that we mentioned in this list.


  • A low blue light filter helps you avoid eye strain
  • The IPS panel is colorful and quicker than the TN panel
  • The input lag is exceptionally rapid
  • The response time is quick
  • The refresh rate is impressive
  • Save money


  • The pixel density is not high

Buying Guides

Here are some essential aspects to consider when choosing the perfect monitor:

Screen Resolution And Size

The screen resolution and size can decide your whole playing a game experience, especially the visual side.

You may be torn between wanting a clear and detailed image or just the standard resolution.

However, if your gaming monitor does not have an excellent resolution, you can’t enjoy an exciting time with the game.

The gaming monitor for League of Legends should be at least 24 inches and have a resolution of 1080 pixels.

Besides, I think the best screen size for this one is 27 inches.

However, you can consider a 34-inch display with 3440 x 1440 or 2560 x 1440 pixels to view the big world in games, although this is unnecessary for playing LoL.

Alternatively, 4K monitor (up to 4000 pixels of the resolution) will be suitable if you join a big battle with your teammates.

Generally, the 24 or 27 inch monitor for League of Legends with 1080 pixels is the ideal size and resolution for you.

Response Time

The response time is an essential factor to buy the best.

If you want a fluid game match, you should pick a monitor with a short response time because it will significantly reduce blurred pictures and unclear motions.

Hence, you can see everything on the screen in the best state.

Currently, the most common response time is 1 millisecond; let’s check or ask sellers to know this spec.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate can impact the game’s lag.

The minimum speed should be 100 hertz.

However, you may refer to other choices, such as 120, 144, 165 hertz, or 240 hertz.

There, the 240Hz can bring the most exciting experience while playing LoL.

It’s also the fastest refresh rate available today.

Some products give a few options for the refresh rate, so you can opt for a reasonable rate to get the smoothest visual frames.

If your display has a low renewal speed, your game may stutter.

Panel Types

The panel types can also affect your LoL gaming experience.

There are some basic forms, including.

  • Twisted Nematics panel (TN): This panel type can bring the fastest response, but the color profile is the worst.
  • In-Plane Switching panel (IPS): It is the most popular panel type.
  • It has excellent color configuration and viewing angles; however, the response time is slow.
  • Vertical Alignment panel (VA): This panel type neutralizes the above 2 classes (the poor color profile and the slow response time).

If you have to choose 1 in 3 categories, you should prefer TN and IPS instead of VA.

Port Input Slots

The input slots show us the ports that you can plug wires to connect different equipment.

You will have to deal with the HDMI port – primary input, a few USB ports, and DisplayPort.

These outer ports may not be precisely essential, but they offer you various ways to hook up with the PC.

Moreover, you will have many opportunities due to the ability to sync up secondary monitors.

Thus, you can stream or share how to design and build tactics for battles.

However, some ports are not essential, such as an audio port.

It would be best if you plug the headphones and microphone directly into your PC tower.

It would be best if you did like this with support accessories such as the mouse and keyboard.

Generally, it would help if you bought a gaming monitor with simple input ports and high-quality graphics instead of many unnecessary slots.

Sync Types

The FPS and refresh rate are often different problems; however, they are related to the monitor’s picture syncing.

Not to mention, you also have to deal with screen tearing.

Display tearing is a period when 2 or more frames appear on the screen at once.

You will see your screen tearing with part of the image slipping.

For instance, this issue will happen if the games and normal processes still run on the old PCs.

When the video data source to the screen does not sync with its refresh rate, it can cause screen tearing.

To recover this problem, developers debuted 2 main methods.

They are G-Sync (from Nvidia) and FreeSync made by AMD.

Each solution has separate compatible display ports, and you need to link them correctly.

G-Sync requires the next steps.

You have to use a monitor with specific hardware-intensive processes.

Thus, the game can run on the PC without tearing the screen.

Meanwhile, FreeSync is cheaper and easier to use than G-Sync.

G-Sync can offer you a smooth and high output if you own the hardware to back it up.

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According to what you need, there are many price levels from low to high.

Hence, you should spend too much money to buy the screen in case you want to create your computer system from the beginning.

Here are some suggestions to build the budget before picking a gaming monitor.

If you save about 300 – 500 dollars, you may choose a monitor at 100 – 200 dollars.

Products in this segment are of low to medium quality with typical specs.

When having an amount of 600 – 800 dollars, you should consider a 200 – 400-dollar screen to get high-quality graphics.

If your wallet is infinite, you can spend money buying a monitor comfortably at over 1000 dollars.

However, you must ensure the gaming performance because sometimes, you may only focus on the monitor’s exterior design.

Safety Features

When playing games for hours, you will be tired.

Your eyes are strained, dried, or sore.

Besides, your body also screams for help when you sit in one position for too long without comfort.

Even your bone health can meet danger over time.

Hence, it would be best if you bought gaming monitors with safety features.

First, it would help if your screen had brightness and blue light control technology to protect your soul windows.

Second, the height, swivel, pivot, and tilt adjustment abilities are also necessary.

You can get the ideal viewing angles and comfortable posture with those features to play LoL within many hours and not feel annoyed.


People want to buy a product with high durability.

Therefore, you need to find a monitor with excellent build quality instead of a flimsy and cheap one.

Additionally, don’t ignore the warranty policy.

A long-term guarantee can make sure your display is safe.

If you choose a high-quality monitor, you can use it for 10 years or longer.

Otherwise, your screen only exists within a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Monitor Do League Of Legends Pros Use?

A: LoL professionals usually use high-end quality monitors at a reasonable price and specs.

They will pick a monitor with a size of 24 or 27 inches (ex.

Dell ‎S2719DGF Gaming Monitor, ASUS VG248QE 24″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor) and a refresh rate of 144 – 165 hertz (ex.

ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor).

Alternatively, they may consider other factors based on their demands.

Q: Does monitor matter for League of Legends?

A: Our answer is yes.

A good monitor will bring fantastic gaming time to players.

You can see images with the best graphics.

Not only that, but it also has excellent features to remove tearing-screen, protect your health, and give other benefits.

Q: Is 144Hz good for League of Legends?

A: The 144Hz rate is fast enough to play LoL.

Although you can buy products with a quicker speed, it is the standard refresh rate for casual players.

Q: Is Curved Monitor Better for League of Legends?

A: A curved monitor can provide a better experience for LoL.

You can see more objects on the screen with larger viewing angles while playing games.

You do not also have to waste time moving the mouse over a long distance.

However, if your finances do not let you spend much money to buy a curved screen, you do not need to try on buying it.

Q: What DPI Does Faker Use?

A: DPI (Dots per Inch) is an important factor in picking a suitable monitor, especially for gamers like Faker (one of the most famous LoL gamers).

He often uses Acer Predator XB241H Gaming Monitor with a DPI of 0.276 millimeters.

You may refer to this spec to pick a gaming screen.

Q: What Size Monitor Does Faker Use?

A: Faker usually utilizes a gaming display with a size of 24 inches.

It is also the minimal size for a gaming monitor.

Q: What Size Monitor Do Pros Use?

A: When playing the battle games such as LoL, the players will choose the monitor size based on their hobby.

The large screen may be the top choice, but a small one also own some advantages.

There are a few options for sizes, for example, 24, 24.

5, 27, 28, 32, 34 inches, or other super-ultra-broad sizes.

However, most professionals’ best monitor size is often 24 or 27 inches.

These sizes can provide ample display space, and you just need to enjoy LoL matches.

Q: How Much Better Is 240Hz Than 144Hz?

A: Usually, the higher the refresh rate, the better.

Hence, the 240 hertz can help your game be smoother compared to 144 hertz.

However, there is not too much difference between 144 and 240 hertz.

Before choosing a monitor with a refresh rate of 240 hertz, let’s consider some factors, including adaptive sync technology, screen resolution, and panel type.

You can find the 240 hertz on the 1080 or 1440-pixel screen.

However, the 144 hertz is available in various displays, including the 4k monitor.

Overall, if you are a professional gamer, the 240Hz rate will be a worthy upgrade.

Otherwise, you should only need a 144Hz rate.

Q: Does League of Legends support 240Hz?

A: Usually, the 1080p and 1440p monitors support 240 hertz.

Thus, you should check your screen before buying it to ensure it is compatible with the 240Hz refresh rate.

Q:What Is the Best Resolution For League Of Legends?

A:The best resolution for League of Legends is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This resolution can provide enough space for your monitor.

Besides, it is not too large, and you do not have to drag the mouse to pull or move the camera a long distance.

Not only that, but the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is also suitable for LoL competitive leagues because it has stability and outstanding performance.

Q: Is 165Hz better than 144Hz?

A: The 165Hz and 144Hz rates are not very different, even though the higher this spec, the better.

If you want to upgrade your gaming screen, let’s pick an unprecedented refresh rate such as 240 or 360 hertz.

However, the 165 hertz is not the wrong choice for playing LoL.


After reviewing, we have the last winner – ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor.

This monitor is only for gaming but also design.

The image quality is excellent due to the NVIDIA G SYNC technology.

It also has some technologies and features that protect your health while playing LoL for many hours.

We introduced to you the best monitor for League of Legends.

We hope you can buy a suitable product due to the valuable info in this article to get the most comfortable time with your favorite game.

Now, let’s come into the LoL’ world and play hard after a busy day with your beloved team.

Using a regular screen to play League of Legends can cause annoyances that you have no control over.

So buy the best products today because you totally deserve them.

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