Best Notepad tool replacement app on Windows 10

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As you all know, Windows is the most popular operating system in the world so far, and if you are already a Windows user, I am sure that, you cannot ignore the text editor. the legend named Notepad is correct

Notepad has been around since Windows 95, and so far it is Windows 10 operating system, but not too many Notepad changes, and probably Microsoft has no intention of changing either!

Well, if you are bored with this old-fashioned Notepad, the application that I am going to introduce in this article will be perfect for you!

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#first. Let’s talk a bit about default Notepad

The default Notepad on Windows operating system is a simple text editor that has been built into Windows 1.0 since 1985.

For many years developing Windows operating system versions, Notepad tool remains unchanged, with a minimalistic interface and basic functions. While many other applications of the same era have upgraded both interface and functionality.

And since it’s lightweight, easy to use, just open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => and enter notepad => and press Enter One is that you have successfully opened Notepad tool.

Or You can also use the Search box on Windows and open the application extremely quickly.


#2. Notepads application: Text editor with many tabs at the same time, beautifully designed and completely free

Notepads is also an application similar to Notepad on Windows (the name of this application is only different from the letter S), with similar functions, and has some special new features and is worth downloading and using. Use as follows:

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  • It is an open source, completely free application.
  • Support opening and editing multiple Tabs at the same time. Open as many tabs as you would when using the web browser ..
  • Support for txt text format …
  • Typing speed is fast and smooth like default Notepad.
  • You can also open it quickly through the Run dialog (Windows + R) => you just need to enter keywords notepads in the dialog box Run => and press Enter.
  • Beautifully designed, highly customizable, highly personalized….

This is a free application on the Microsoft Store, so it only supports Windows 10 and Windows 8 / 8.1 guys, extremely light capacity, only 32MB.

Install Notepads app on Windows 10

+ Step 1: You can quickly install the app through this link !

Or You open up Microsoft Store => type in the search box, the keyword Notepads => and select the only Notepads result in the result box.

=> Then click select GET To download the application => and you wait for the application to finish installing, press LAUNCH to run the application.

Apps-for-the-free-of-keyboard-on-windows-10 (1)

+ Step 2: Open up you will see an interface like the image below, it is quite similar to the Windows Terminal application that I have introduced before!

The interface has a dark mode, synchronized with the dark or light mode that you have pre-installed on Windows 10. On the right corner is the open button. Menu, to the right is the button to open New Tab. As for text editor, it’s still like old Notepad.

Apps-for-the-free-to-keyboard-on-windows-10 (2)

+ Step 3: Click the button to open the Menu, you will have the following items:

  • New (CTRL + N): Create new file.
  • Open (CTRL + O): Open the TXT file, the saved file.
  • Save (CTRL + S): Save the file you are editing.
  • Save as (CTRL + SHIFT + S): Save as….
  • Save all: Save the file in all Tabs.
  • Find: Search for file content.
  • Find and Replace: Search and replace content.
  • Settings: Open the application settings.
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Apps-for-the-free-of-keyboard-on-windows-10 (3)

Click SettingsYou will have several settings for the application’s look and feel, from the dark or light theme, the transparency of the background, and the background color of the app – the background color is also synchronized by the color of the app. Windows is always good.

Apps-for-the-free-of-keyboard-on-windows-10 (4)

Above are the settings for editing, for example, font size, Text Wrapping, change the style of line breaks, … in general, the text editing settings you can learn and try while using the application. use.

Apps-for-the-free-to-keyboard-on-windows-10 (5)

Another setting is to hide / show the Taskbar, you go to Settings => select Advanced => and turn the switch to turn on or off as you like, in my opinion, you should leave it, not turn it off.

Apps-for-the-free-to-keyboard-on-windows-10 (6)

As for how to use it is still the same, you just compose normal text => then press CTRL + S to save, or click on the mark X next to Tab, and then press Save to save the file.

The file after saving will have the format TXT as the default on Notepad.

Apps-for-the-free-of-keyboard-on-windows-10 (7)

# 3. Epilogue

Notepads application Windows is really useful and great, isn’t it?

If Microsoft has integrated this application into Windows 10, that would be great. Hope it will be useful for your work. Good luck !

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