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Writing is the cornerstone of education. It’s also a crucial component of every school subject. Nowadays, writing is easier than ever because there are countless programs and applications that can aid students with their papers. Each application offers multiple features, which include grammar checks, plagiarism detection, time management, and much more. As such, below are the best writing apps to help you study.

6 Best Writing Apps Free


Grammarly is one of the best writing apps in the market. It offers you various features, which include:

  • Grammar check;
  • Spelling review;
  • Punctuation assist;
  • Engagement enhancement.

This software uses artificial intelligence to provide these and other benefits to users. In addition, there is an option within the app that allows for synchronizing content creation.

Several features offered by Grammarly are free to use. However, there are some premium options you cannot access unless you have a subscription. Features that improve the clarity of your work and plagiarism check are only accessible when you pay a fee. You can also get help from experts if you are willing to pay extra.

As a student, accessing the best writing apps may not always suffice. There are situations where you will need to purchase term papers from professionals. Thankfully, certain online platforms can give you access to the best writers in multiple disciplines.

Word Processing Applications

There are three main word processing apps: Microsoft Word, Pages, and Google Docs. Although each software has specific features, you will generally get the same options from all these apps. You can perform all your basic writing needs with the applications. Also, Google Docs and Microsoft Word are available on almost all platforms. However, Pages is only native to Apple devices. In addition, this app does not have as many plugins as the others. Yet, Pages and Google Docs are free to use, but you need a subscription to use Microsoft Word.

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iA Writer

Unlike many applications, iA Writer helps you write content. As such, the makers of this app limited the available options. Therefore, you can focus on assignments and essays when using iA Writer.

To further improve the writing experience, you can quickly write in the full-screen option. Likewise, you may activate dark mode if you prefer this format. Best of all, iA Writer is available across most platforms for a fee. However, the MacBook version is more expensive than the Windows edition.


If you are an aspiring author or novelist, Scrivener may be the software for you. This app is robust and provides options that enable the organization of content, characters, scenes, and other features. Although this application may not be as sophisticated as others, you can use Scrivener after paying a lifetime fee. However, the license you get is limited to one operating system. When you switch between operating systems – Windows to macOS and vice versa – you will have to purchase another lifetime package.

Students sometimes require help with assignments due to college scheduling challenges, and this help can’t always come from apps. TopEssayWriting essay for sale is a great option for learners looking to outsource content creation to professionals. As such, buying from this platform allows students to concentrate on studying and other academic activities.


Grammarly is not the only application that uses artificial intelligence to assist students with writing. Hemingway is another great app learners can use to reduce monotony and improve the readability of their writing. Named after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, this software offers writing and editing aid.

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Using the writing option lets you write content with minimal distraction. Once you are done writing, you can switch to the editor to review the writing. This feature gives you an assessment of readability, grammar, and quality of writing. In addition, using Hemingway can help you estimate if you have the right number of adverbs and adjectives in your academic writing. Despite all the features you get, using this software via the browser is free. However, you must pay a fee if you wish to access it on Windows or MacBook.


If you are a student or simply love to organize your thoughts, Evernote may be the best option for you. This app lets you write notes, save images, create lists, and organize documents. To achieve this, the application has multiple features on its primary interface. Unlike other note-like applications, Evernote gives you templates that simplify writing. In addition, if you are working on a research paper, you will love the Web Clipper feature. This tool lets you collect and store anything from the internet. Also, it simplifies project management. Evernote is free to use. However, you can access premium features if you purchase a monthly subscription. This app is available on the web, Android, Windows, and Apple product operating systems.


Today, many applications exist to help with studying. Several apps are designed to improve grammar and content structure. Other applications help you check plagiarism. On the other hand, some apps can help you focus on writing by minimizing distractions. There are countless apps that will elevate your writing, so go ahead and try some today!

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