Bitfenix Unveils The Whisper PSU Line

Bitfenix enrolled in the PSU market a couple of years ago with the Fury Gold units, which had a nice looks and featured quality, individually-sleeved cables but cost a lot, and their FSP platform didn’t offer high enough performance. It seems that Bitfenix hasn’t forgotten about the PSU market, though, and is looking to make a strong comeback with the Whisper line, which is made by a different OEM now–Channel Well Technology (CWT).

The members of this line cover a wide wattage range, from 450W to 850W, with 100W increments. All are fully modular and 80 PLUS Gold certified, while their CWT platform with code name “GPU” promises high performance, increased reliability, and silent operation. After all, the Whisper units have to honor their name. so they cannot be noisy under any usage scenario.

The two entry-level models of the line with 450W and 550W capacities have three +12V rails, whereas the 650W, 750W, and 850W Whisper units feature four +12V rails. At their internals, you’ll find Japanese capacitors and an HDB fan, provided by Martech, which is rated for a pretty low lifetime of only 30,000h at 25°C. Bitfenix covers the Whisper units with a long seven-year warranty, so it’s highly confident about the longevity of both the fan and the platform. Further, all necessary protection features are supported, including OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

The “GPU” platform is new, and the Whisper units are the first ones to use it. Bitfenix made some minor modifications to this platform, including a set of custom heatsinks for the +12V FETs, which won’t be available to other companies that will be interested in using this CWT platform as well. In order to keep the production cost low, Bitfenix didn’t equip the Whisper units with special modular cables, like it did with the Fury Gold line. However, you can purchase Bitfenix’s Alchemy 2.0 cable kit, featuring the highly desired (by case modders, mostly) individually sleeved cables. We should mention here that only the 24-pin ATX connector uses three polymer caps for providing an extra ripple filtering layer, while all the rest cables don’t have any caps attached.

If you plan to power a high-end mainboard that needs more than a single EPS connector, then the two stronger Whisper units are the ones to go after, because they come with a couple of 4+4 pin EPS connectors. All the lower-capacity models of this line are equipped with only a single EPS connector.

Line Whisper
OEM Channel Well Technology
Platform GPU
Models BWG450M, BWG550M, BWG650M, BWG750M, BWG850M
DC Output Range 450W – 850W
PFC Active PFC
Efficiency 80 Plus Gold
Modular Yes (fully)
Intel Haswell Ready Yes
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Protections Over Voltage Protection

Under Voltage Protection

Over Current Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over Power Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Cooling 135 mm Hydro Dynamic Bearing Fan (DF1352512SEMN or DF1352512SEHN)
Semi-passive operation No
Number of PCIe (6+2 pin) Connectors BWG850M, BWG750M: 6

BWG650M: 4

BWG550M, BWG450M: 2

Number of EPS Connectors BWG850M, BWG750M: 2

BWG650M, BWG550M, BWG450M: 1

Dimensions 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H) x 160 mm (D)
Compliance ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92
Warranty 7 years
MSRP BWG850M: $119

BWG750M: $109

BWG650M: $89

BWG550M: $79

BWG450M: $69


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