Broken laptop keyboard, what to do to make it cool?

A broken laptop keyboard and unable to type is an unpleasant experience. Hurry up and take it to repair. Join GhienCongListen to find out how this error can be fixed in the article below.

A lot of users encounter the case broken laptop keyboard and don’t know how to fix it. GhienCongListen synthesize all the causes and solutions from simple to complex that you can apply.

Broken laptop keyboard, what to do to make it cool?


Note: the solutions given below are applicable to most laptop brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, etc.

How to handle broken laptop keyboard

Here’s how to fix a broken laptop keyboard from simple to complex. You should do it in order to avoid wasting time fixing errors while simply applying simple ways that can be handled.


Restart the laptop

If your keyboard is not working properly, there may be a minor software glitch. You can fix it by restarting the laptop.

Click the button Start belong to Windows> click the button Power and choose Restart.


After the computer restarts, check if your laptop’s keyboard is working properly. In case the problem is still not resolved, proceed to the next step.

Reset the power for the laptop

If the keyboard still doesn’t work after the reboot, then you should try to power on your laptop by following the steps below.

1. Click the button Start of Windows > click the button Power> Shut down to turn off your computer.

2. If there are any peripherals attached to the laptop such as USB, external mouse, monitor, disconnect them all. If your phone’s battery is running low and you’re plugged in, unplug it.

3. Now remove the battery, press and hold your laptop’s power button for 15-20 seconds.

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4. Reinsert the battery into your laptop, along with the power cable, and press the power button to turn on the computer.

When your laptop starts up, check if the laptop keys are working properly. If the keys work fine then you do not need to continue to the next steps. But if the problem persists then check the next step.

Turn off Filter Keys

If the keys on your laptop respond slowly or the keyboard lags, it’s not always a faulty keyboard. To fix this, you need to turn off Filter Keys.

Note: this mode is mainly to support people with shaky hands, or slow typing and repeating keys, if you have no problem with typing, you should turn this feature off.

To disable Filter Keys, follow the steps below:

1. Click the button Start of Windows and select Settings.

2. On the screen Settings Windows, click option Ease of Access.

3. Now on the next screen, click Keyboard from the left side. On the right pane, toggle the button Filter Keys.

Broken laptop keyboard, what to do to make it cool?

4. Now restart your computer and check if your computer keyboard is back to normal.

Reinstall the keyboard driver

The problem of laptop keys not working properly can be caused by a faulty or damaged keyboard driver. Therefore, to fix this problem, the next step you should do is to reinstall the keyboard driver by following the steps below:

1. Open window Run by pressing the key combination Windows + CHEAP.

2. Now on the Run Command box, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter key to open Device Manager. Alternatively, you can click the . button Start of Windows and in the Windows search bar type Device Manager. Click on the available result at the top to open Device Manager.

Note: If you can’t type on the keyboard to search. Please use the virtual keyboard on the machine.

3. On the screen Device Managerclick the arrow first Keyboard to expand.

4. Now right click, choose option Uninstall device.

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Broken laptop keyboard, what to do to make it cool?

5. On the prompt dialog, click the uninstall button to uninstall the keyboard driver.

6. Now restart your computer.

7. After the computer restarts Windows will automatically search for drivers and reinstall them.

8. You can also open Device Manager manually, right click on Action at the top and select the option Scan for hardware changes.

Broken laptop keyboard, what to do to make it cool?

Now when Windows finishes reinstalling the keyboard driver, check if all the keys of the keyboard are working correctly.

Update your keyboard driver

Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers can be the reason why laptop keys are not working properly. However, updating the keyboard driver may fix this problem. You can update your keyboard driver to the latest version by checking it manually at the manufacturer’s website or updating it automatically through Device Manager or using the Updater tool drivers.

Outdated or faulty keyboard drivers could be the reason why your keyboard isn’t working properly. However, updating the keyboard driver may fix this problem. You can update to the latest version by actively checking at the manufacturer’s website or automatically updating through Device Manager or use tools Driver Updater.

Update your drivers using Device Manager

This is one of the automatic methods to update your device drivers for free, however the only problem with this method is that it rarely gives you the latest drivers. To update outdated drivers using Device Manager, follow the steps below:

This is one of the methods to automatically update your drivers for free, but it is not a tool that provides the latest version. To update, follow the steps below:

1. Open window Run by pressing the key combination Windows + CHEAP.

2. Now type devmgmt.msc in the Run Command box and press the Enter key to open Device Manager.

3. On the Device Manager screen, click the arrow first Keyboard to expand it.

4. Now right click on your keyboard and select option updated driver from the drop-down menu.

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Broken laptop keyboard, what to do to make it cool?

5. On the next screen from the available setup options, select the first option Automatically search for the options of updated driver software.

6. Windows will now search for the latest drivers available for your machine. And once located, follow all the instructions to install the latest driver on your computer.

7. While this process of getting driver updates is very simple, as mentioned earlier, it often does not provide you with the latest updates.

Now to get the latest driver on your computer you need to manually check the manufacturer’s website (it takes time and research) or look for a dedicated driver update tool .

Advanced Driver Updater is one of those driver updater tools that automatically scans your entire computer for all outdated drivers and then updates them with one click. This amazing tool has been on the market for more than a decade and is trusted by millions of users from all over the world.

Note: The product also creates a complete backup of old drivers before installing new drivers. This helps you to revert back to the old driver in the rare case that the newly installed driver fails.

Check for hardware causes

If we’ve tried software fixes to no avail, let’s consider hardware causes.

Cleaning the keyboard

Dirt clinging to the keyboard is one of the reasons why the keyboard does not work. First, turn off the computer and clean the computer with a cleaning kit, removing all dirt and obstructions located under the keyboard. You can use a can of compressed air to remove all the dirt. After that, turn on the computer and check if the error is fixed.

Check for physical errors on the keyboard

Besides cleaning the keyboard, you also need to check for physical damage on the keyboard. If so, there’s nothing you can do but take the device in for a checkup and have the keyboard replaced.

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Above are the steps to fix computer keyboard problems that GhienCongList wants to share with readers. Please leave a comment to share your handling experience in this situation.

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