Build Chemistry Teamfight Tactics – TFT, Season 6 Chemistry lineup

The Chemistry skill is somewhat similar to the Angel of the Arena of Truth season 5 last season when they are buffed attack speed, automatically heal and reduce the damage taken when their health drops below 60%.

Unlike the Angels when they instantly heal a large amount of health and add 10% damage, the Chemistry skill only heals 5% over time based on the buff of the Chemistry skill. But in return, the Chemical Skills have more stats than healing.

Especially with 50% more attack speed, Urgot Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 6 is considered a carry in the Chemistry team, so this is very necessary with the name of the crab. It’s even more suitable when he is a Lien Archer with extremely powerful skills.

Like the other clans in season 6, Chemistry can also be combined with many other clans and produces effective climbing ranks. If you want to try out some of the Chemistry lineups, check out the content below.

Generals Chemistry of the Arena of Truth season 6

United States dtcl buy 6

  • Singed (Chemistry – Inventor) – 1 gold
  • Twitch (Chemistry – Assassin) – 1 gold
  • Warwick (Chemistry – Challenge) – 2 gold
  • Lissandra (Scholar – Chemistry) – 3 gold
  • Zac (Chemistry – Gladiator) – 3 gold
  • Dr.Mundo (Chemistry – Mutant – Gladiator) – 4 gold
  • Urgot (Chemical Skill – Contact Archery) – 4 gold
  • Viktor (Chemistry – Mage) – 5 gold
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United States dtcl buy 6

Chemical Skill has enough resistance, control and damage in all stages of the match. From the very beginning of Twitch and Singed, Warwick combined with a few other champions was fine. But if you want to play hard, it must be from the middle of the game onwards, when you find Mundo and Zac. Urgot and Viktor will be the two characters that deal late game damage.

Build Teamfight Tactics – TFT Chemistry Season 6, Teamfight Tactics – TFT Chemistry Season 6 lineup

Early game

dtcl season 6

Simply, 3 Chemistry is at the beginning of the game and you can add a champion or attack depending on what you need. Continue to level 5 if you are having a winning streak and continue to add the necessary generals to the squad, if you get 5 Chemistry skills, good.

Between game

dtcl season 6

Add 5 Chemistry Skills in this phase, gather the strongest you can. The 6th champion can be a Gladiator so you can easily transfer items to Mundo later.


7 Chemistry

United States dtcl buy 6

Level 7 at round 4-1, if you’re on a winning streak, keep saving money to get to 8 and perfect your squad. At this point, it is ideal that you gather all 7 Chemistry Skills and add a support champion in the game. Janna or Taric can also be used to heal the team.

5 Chemistry

United States dtcl buy 6

5 Chemistry will shorten the effective duration of the Chemical Skill buff. In return, the support from other clans will be more. The transform will further aid Mundo, Malzahar, and Kog’Maw adding beneficial stats. Rifles increase Urgot’s rate of fire and all champions gain AP from Mage.

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United States dtcl buy 6

Also 5 Chemical Skills but Urgot will accompany Kai’Sa instead of Viktor. The Scholar helps the team recover mana and cast spells faster. Other clan buffs will help Kai’Sa and Urgot stand longer to deal damage, and Mundo is still the main tanker in the team.

Chemistry has quite a few combinations late game and you can combine with as many champions as you see necessary. If you have taken good care of the key generals in the team, add support units like Seraphine, Taric, Janna…

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