Causes and ways to fix yellow laptop screen

Laptop screen is yellow is one of the rare cases that occurs in some laptops that have been used for a long time. To solve this problem, please read our following article to share about the causes & how to fix the yellow laptop screen error.

1. The cause of the laptop screen is yellow

Laptop and computer screens will normally be white with blue light. Error of laptop with yellow screen caused by:

– Because Windows 10 laptops and computers are on “Night Shift” mode, which causes the screen to automatically turn yellow to help protect the user’s eyes from being harmed by blue light emitted from the screen.

– The laptop screen is yellowed because the screen cable is old, faulty or broken, affecting the connection quality and signal transmission from the computer to the screen.

The laptop screen is yellow what causes it?

– Due to the above graphics card laptop are using an old driver or an incompatible driver version, resulting in the image signal being output to the screen no longer accurate and causing the screen to be yellowed.

– The screen is yellowed due to the wrong color adjustment.

– Sometimes the computer error is yellowed from the factory, but the rate of this error is very low.

– Due to damaged components inside the computer screen, short circuit.

2. How to fix yellow laptop screen

– Computer cleaning

The way to fix the yellowish laptop screen is to regularly clean the machine

Your laptop screen is dirty because you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, leading to the screen not being shiny, the screen from white to yellow making it difficult to see, you should refer to some ways to clean the screen. Quick, easy, and safe to do.

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– Use Microsoft’s automatic repair tool

If after cleaning, the computer screen is still yellow, it may be caused by an error in the screen or your device. Instead of having to download to use other repair software and tools, you can use Microsoft’s automatic repair tool to solve problems with your computer.

=> How to do it:

You go to “Settings” on laptops, computers by many ways such as pressing “Windows + I” at the same time or typing “Settings” on the search bar in “Taskbar” or on the “Windows” icon on the “Taskbar” bar and select “Settings” “=> Select “Update & Security“.

How to fix yellow laptop screen with Microsoft

Here, select “Troubleshoot” => Select “Network Adapter” => Select “Run the troubleshooter“.

Then follow the system instructions to scan and fix the error yellow laptop screen Please.

– Turn off Night light mode (Night light)

Night Light allows users to set the screen brightness to protect their eyes, so the software can set the light to yellow and unintentionally cause the screen to turn from white to yellow. This mode is usually used at night, if you accidentally turn it on during the day, it can make the computer screen yellow.

How to fix yellow laptop screen using Night light mode

To turn off Night Light, click on the notification item in the bottom right corner of the screen => Click “Night light” to turn off.

– Color correction in Control Panel

On computers running with Windows 10 operating system, you may have accidentally adjusted the color of your device to yellow without knowing it, causing discomfort and difficulty to your eyes. The simple fix, you follow the steps below:

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How to fix yellow laptop screen with Control Panel color correction

Step 1: Enter search “Color Management” above “Taskbar” => Press “Enter” to fix the yellow laptop screen error.

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How to fix yellow laptop screen by color correction Control Panel to the next step

Step 2: In the dialog “Color Managementyou tick “Use my settings for this device” => Click on the color profile under “Profile associated with this device” => Select “Remove“.

Step 3: A message dialog box appears => Click “Tiếp tục” => Select “Close” to complete.

To be on the safe side, take it to a service center for them to fix this error.

Here is the information related to yellow laptop screen. Hope this article will be useful to you. Thank you for watching.

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