Clearing the computer cache helps speed up Windows or macOS much faster than before

Pocket immediately how to clear the computer cache with GhienCongListen, after only 3 minutes of cleaning will help your Windows or macOS computer run smoother.

Job clear computer cache is extremely necessary, especially in cases where the computer’s storage capacity is not much, there are signs of abnormality when the machine’s operation and operation on the computer becomes slow. This post by GhienCongListen will share with you the necessary things as well as how to quickly clear the computer cache.

What does the cache memory do in the computer?

What is cache or cache? Cache is an area that stores temporary files of the machine, which saves time reloading data from the beginning of the software in the next use. Cached data includes files, images, videos, scripts, settings, and other multimedia content.


It is understandable that when you visit a website, the cache will be the place to store the images and data of that website. The next time you visit the website, the web will load faster because the browser will load the data available in this memory instead of downloading it from the beginning like last time.

Will clearing the cache on my computer do any harm?

In addition to browser cache, your device also has system and application cache. If you’ve never cleaned your cache, there could be gigabytes of unnecessary data taking up space on your machine, affecting its processing speed.


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That’s why regularly clearing your cache is a great way to clean up your laptop. A clean device is an optimally functioning device.

Clearing the computer cache does not adversely affect the computer, on the contrary, it is very safe and easy. However, we need to carefully understand the system and cache as well as consider deleting our browsing history and deleting our cookies if we want to protect our personal information more securely.


In simpler terms, clearing the cache will help:

  • Delete personal data stored by websites or apps.
  • Refresh online content so you don’t load any outdated objects from the cache.
  • Helps fix problems with apps, making them run more smoothly.

Clear computer cache

When to clear the computer cache?

It’s not always a good idea to clear your computer’s cache, and you may not be able to completely clear it, as your computer will always access some files of the cache it needs.

Clearing your computer’s cache when you don’t need it will also lead to slower performance because you have to reload from the beginning the amount of data from the websites you visit often (instead of quickly accessing the cache). ).

However, when the capacity of the machine becomes low, the machine operates abnormally, and especially when the hard drive of the machine is overloaded, cleaning the cache is essential. This is a must for the device to reduce hard drive space, helping the machine run better.

How to clear the Windows computer cache

Most of the laptops we are using have been updated with Windows 10 operating system. Here are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to clear the Windows 10 computer cache.

Clean up Windows 10 junk with Disk Cleanup

  1. Click the button Start (square in the bottom left corner of the screen), then type search Disk Cleanup.
  2. Click Disk Cleanup when it appears in the search results.
  3. Make sure drive C is selected and press OK.
  4. Tick ​​the box Temporary Files. You can also check other file types if you want.
  5. Click OK.
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Clear computer cache

It may take a few minutes, but your cache of temporary files will be cleared.

Delete File Explorer History on Windows 10

Deleting File Explorer history on Windows 10 is also very simple, see the following step-by-step instructions:

1. Open file Explorer (the icon on the taskbar is pictured below).

Clear computer cache

2. Tap the card View on the toolbar.

3. Click select Options.

4. Continue pressing select Clear on the dialog box that appears.

Clearing the computer cache helps speed up Windows or macOS much faster than before

How to clear the browser cache

In addition to these caches, you may also need to clear the cache in your web browser from time to time, especially if you have problems opening certain web pages.

The instructions below will refer to two commonly used browsers on Windows 10, Chrome and Edge.

1 in Google Chromeclick the three-dot menu in the upper right, scroll to the tab History (History) and click History (History) in the menu that appears, or you can use the key combination Ctrl + H for convenience.

2. Then click Clear browsing data and then then continue to choose Clear data to complete the operation.

Clear computer cache

3. In Microsoft Edge, click the three-dot menu, then click Setting. In section Clear browsing dataclick Select the content to deletethen click Erase.

How to clean Windows computer junk with CCleaner software

In addition to the above manual operations, we can also clean up computer junk with CCleaner software. Disk cleaning software frees up memory storage space to increase the performance of the machine.

Clear computer cache

You can download the software here and perform the following steps to clean the garbage on the machine:

1. In the Cleaner section, select the files you want to clean in the section Windows and Applications > press Analyze.

Clear computer cache

2. Wait for the system to run to 100% to complete the analysis and filter the junk file, then we click Run Cleaner to delete junk files.

Clear computer cache

3. In the pop-up notification panel, press tiếp tục to confirm that the operation is performed.

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Clear computer cache

4. Once done, we can delete junk files on the computer quickly and conveniently.

Clear computer cache

How to clear the Mac computer cache

How to Clear Safari Cache

Here are the steps to clear Safari cache fastest:

1. Open Safari, select item Preferences.

Clear computer cache

2. Select the icon Advanced at the top, tap check box Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Clear computer cache

3. Click select Develop > Empty caches.

Clear computer cache

How to Clean System Cache on Mac

1. Open Finderin the menu of the item Goselect Go to Folder

Clear computer cache

2. Type the phrase ~/Library/Caches/ In the pop-up window, select Go.

Clear computer cache

3. In the newly opened dialog box, you can open each folder and delete unnecessary cache files by dragging them to the folder. Trash (trash can).

However, we should also think carefully about choosing to delete files, if you are not sure whether you need to use these files or not, you can try searching for the name of the folder or file containing the file to check. critical level.

How to clear the application cache on Mac

To clear the application cache on Mac, refer to the following steps:

1. Open folder Finder > Go > Click select Go to Folder

2. Type in the phrase search box /Users/[tên người dùng]/Library/Caches.

Clear computer cache

3. We will see user cached caching in all our apps. Then you go into each folder, select the files inside and drag them in Trash to delete.

Use Avast Cleanup software for Mac

With the above actions, you can clear your browser’s cache in just a few seconds, but the data will start accumulating immediately.

Avast Cleanup software for macOS automatically performs cache cleaning and scanning, clearing browser cache automatically, and dealing with unnecessary files without affecting important files.

Clear computer cache

You can download Avast Cleanup for macOS here

In addition to clearing cache, crash reports, and old files, Avast Cleanup frees up a lot of space by helping you reduce your photo collection.

The software also helps to remove duplicate photos, blurred or low quality photos, and supports deleting files that are accidentally saved twice.

In addition, the software’s automatic maintenance mode will also help the device operate smoothly and optimally.

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That’s it, if used sensibly, clearing the computer’s cache will bring optimal efficiency to your device and your usage experience.

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