Code Gunstar and how to enter the code

Gunstar is the latest coordinate shooting game of VTC, compared to most other coordinate shooting games, Gunstar has a control method that is Drag – Drop – Shoot and has more unique elements of an attractive role-playing game. .

Shaping the characters in the game are chibi characters, accompanied by shimmering graphics that are suitable for all ages. The game also has a fashion system to help players decorate their characters.

Weapon system with diverse attractive game modes to help players freely explore with their aiming skills.

To support players as soon as they enter the game, Gunstar also gives gamers some giftcodes so that players can get items to help them get used to the game more easily and quickly.

Like Code Play Together, Code Free Fire, Code All Star Tower Defense, Code Anime Storm Simulator… Here is the Gunstar VTC code and how to enter the code.

Latest Gunstar VTC Giftcode

Currently the game publisher has not released the official code. On this October 15, when the code is available, the ad will update the article to let you receive the code and enter the game to get the gift.

How to enter code Gunstar VTC

Step 1: First tap on the gear icon in the upper right corner. This is the settings icon in the game.

code gun star

Step 2: Select Redeem.

code gun star

And the code entry table will appear, here you just need to enter the valid code in the game and receive the reward.

code gun star

Rewards received will go straight in Letters, please open the Letters right next to the settings icon and select Get All to receive all the gifts attached to the sent mail.

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code gun star

Just like the code in many other games, and players need to quickly enter the codes in the game before they expire or are limited to entering codes.

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