Code of Eternal Spirit Beast and how to enter the code

Van Co Linh Beast is a mobile game that helps players hunt all kinds of legendary beasts in the game. You can gather the hunted beasts into a team to overcome and hunt the Hungry Beasts in the game.

Along with that, activities such as the animal arena, the arena, the boss battle, the animal hunting… along with the events organized by the game publisher.

With quests and mission resources received when completed, players may not need help from giftcodes, but game publishers still support new players with valuable support items. If you want to receive these rewards, please check out the code of the Eternal Spirit Beast and how to enter the code below.

Giftcode Eternal Beast and how to enter the code

Code – vanco2021

Step 1: First, complete the initial instructions in the game, then select the Human World> Welfare section and then select the Giftcode item.

In the Giftcode section, enter the code above and select Receive reward. If the code is still valid, you will receive the rewards from that giftcode. The rewards will be added straight to your pocket.

Then you just go out to the main interface and select Bags > check in the Props section whether the rewards have been added or not.

As well as the code of many other games such as the Play Together code, the Ragnarok X code, the Sword Dao Giang Ho code… The Van Co Linh Beast code also has a time limit to enter the code although we don’t know exactly what time it is. So please regularly follow this article and enter the codes in the latest Van Co Linh Beast when the game publisher sends it to the player.

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