Create a Windows installation USB on Ubuntu using the WoeUSB tool

Create a Windows installation USB on Ubuntu using the WoeUSB tool

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Creating Windows installation USB right on Windows 10 or macOs is very simple, you can use the software Rufus, USB / DVD Download Tool or Bootcamp Assistant to create quickly.

However, on the Linux operating system, it is not that simple, and I see many people asking how to create a USB reinstall Windows 10 on Linux?

Okay, if you are asking the same question then this article is for you. In this article I will guide you in detail how to create usb to install Windows on Ubuntu with the WoeUSB tool.

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How to create Windows installation USB using WoeUSB on Ubuntu Linux

WoeUSB is a free and open source application that runs on both GUI and CLI platforms. However, in this article I only guide you to use the GUI interface for it to be simple.

This software will help you create a USB install Windows 10, Windows 8.8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, … standard as Legacy or UEFI in just a few simple steps.

WoeUSB is development software from WinUSB which has stopped developing and supporting. To get started, you need to prepare something like the following:

#first. Tools need to prepare

  • WoeUSB software (with installation instructions below).
  • .ISO file of Windows operating system (click here to download the original Windows installer)
  • A USB with a minimum capacity of 4G (depending on the size of the Win installer).

#2. Install WoeUSB on Ubuntu

First, let’s start installing the WoeUSB software on your Ubuntu machine, and as mentioned above, I will install WoeUSB with a graphical interface, using the command Terminal. Oke, let’s start ..

+ Step 1: As always, we’ll have to add more archives PPA Enter the system by the command below => and click Enter:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: nilarimogard / webupd8

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+ Step 2: Update stock APT and install WoeUSB with this command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install woeusb -y -allow-unauthenticated

Here I have more tail is –Allow-unauthenticated is when adding stock PPA I forgot to add the key, but it’s okay, this is no problem so please feel free to use it.

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+ Step 3: Now close the window Terminal (/exit) and open WoeUSB using the tool Search on Ubuntu.

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+ Step 4: And here, we have the interface of the software as shown below.

You tick the option Form disk image (iso), or if you have a Win disc, click From CD/DVD Drive. If there is a Windows installation disc, there is no need to create a bootable USB anymore, right? ?

tao-usb-cai-win-bang-woeusb (5)

+ Step 5: Here I have prepared a file ISO Windows 10 32-bit to make demo for you. You choose the path to the file .ISO => and click Open.

tao-usb-cai-win-bang-woeusb (6)

+ Step 6: In section File System you let yourself be NTFS, Target Device then you choose the USB you want to use.

Remember to choose correct if you are connecting multiple devices such as SD card, Micro-SD or external hard drive … on your computer.

=> Done then click the button Install to start creating the USB Boot.

tao-usb-cai-win-bang-woeusb (7)

+ Step 7: Ubuntu requires you to enter your password to allow the program to run under Root privileges.

Enter the password => and press Authenticate To confirm. And note that this process will erase all data in the USB, so you need to backup before doing it!

tao-usb-cai-win-bang-woeusb (8)

+ Step 8: Now wait for the results, you will have a bootable USB similar to this.

tao-usb-cai-win-bang-woeusb (9)

However, in the process of using there may still be errors, so if you have any errors, you can send errors to the page. Github Let the author help you and fix it. Visit the error page on Github here !


Okay, so I have detailed instructions for you How to create a win usb install on Ubuntu with WoeUSB software okay.

And through this article, you know another pretty cool way to create a Windows installation USB already. Generally speaking, the more ways you know, the better is not it ^^

In addition, if you find an error in the process of using the software, you can send error information to the author through the link above so that they can improve the program to run more stably. Good luck !

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