Deposit Danger League, how to top up with Danger Coalition

League of Risks code and events have provided great support for new players when entering the game. With the plow game genre, events and giftcode is always a way that game publisher support for new players.

But if you want to climb fast, it’s ineffective if you just rely on entering League of Risk code and hunting gifts from in-game events. You need to have more colored clams to go faster.

Loading colored clams into the game will give your inventory exclusive rewards in the first charge. There is not only one way to make a deposit in Danger League, please check out the ways to top up Danger Alliance below and choose the most convenient deposit method.

How to recharge Adventure League directly in the game

Step 1: In the main interface of Adventure League you select First Deposit Or you can choose Complete Loaded.

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Step 2: In the first top up window, you will see rewards that you can get when you first load clams in the game. Includes Legendary weapon and S-level pet, select Go To Load.

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Step 3: Here will be a list of available number of clams for you to choose and load. Click on the number of shells you want to load and you will receive a request to accept the payment afterwards.

This deposit method is used for accounts that have linked the App Store to a payment method like Momo wallet.

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League of Risk top-up online

Step 1: Visit the link below, then select Adventure League. Next, log in to the account you are playing in Adventure League.

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League of Risk recharge link

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Step 2: Once you have logged in, choose LMMH again.

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Step 3: Under the load method selection section, select the server that has the character you want to load the clam into.

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Then choose the deposit method, one is GATE scratch card, HPcode scratch card or you can choose ATM card, domestic payment card, NAPAS.

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Compared to the top-up method, it takes more steps to top-up through the Adventure Alliance homepage, but recharging is more convenient as you can both use your GATE scratch card and ATM card. Convenient when you do not link your payment card or MOMO to the App Store.

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