Detailed instructions for locking USB ports with pictures

Detailed instructions for locking USB ports with pictures

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For some reason you need to lock the USB ports, for example to prevent copying data from the computer to the outside or you are afraid the computer is infected with a virus from the USB.

Yes! This blogchiasekienthuc dot com article will help you make disabling USB port in a simple and concise way.

#first. Lock the USB port by making changes to the Registry

This way is quite simple (applies to Windows 7/8) and for other windows I have not tried. First you open the Run dialog box (Windows + R) => enter with keywords regedit => press Enter.


To enter USB port lock You look for the following path:


Then you notice to the right, double-click Start then you change the value to 4 and press OK to complete.

USB key
USB key

Now please Log Off or Restart the device to take effect. So your USB port has been locked, so that it works back to normal, you change it back to 3 Please.

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#2. Use the Device Manager function to lock the USB port

Open the dialog box RUN (Windows + R) then enter with the command devmgmt.msc. Or right click My Computer => Manage => and select Device Manager.

At the next window you Disable all USB devices.

Universal Serial Bus Controller

OK, all USB ports have been locked, to restore you, the reverse operation is complete. The downside of this approach is that it’s easier to spot ^^!

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# 3. Using BuduLock software

You download BuduLock software to lock the USB port for free here. (Link backup )

After downloading, open the software and switch to Tab Flash Drive Lock to perform USB port lock.

First you click Change Password to set the password:

  • New Password: Enter your new password.
  • Re-enter: Enter the password.
  • UMBRELLA Current Password Please leave it blank. Then press OK.


Next, you check the box Disable Flash Drive, then press the button Execute to disable the USB port.

To reopen the USB port, you check the box Enable Flash Drive and enter your password in the box Password => OK to complete.

In addition to the USB port lock feature, this software also allows you to lock folders, but in this article I am instructing you to lock the USB port, so I will not talk about this function, use is also quite easy. the joke is out ^^.

# 4. Lock the USB port using the BIOS

This way for those who know about computers a bit is very simple, but for those who rarely use computers, it is a bit difficult, so I do not recommend.

First, you access the BIOS by pressing DEL, F2, F8 … depending on the model you are using. (If you pay attention when you boot into Windows, you will see a line displayed below the key to enter the BIOS interface).


You find the item USB Controller in the section Advanced Settings and transfer Enabled Fort Disable Please. If you want to reopen, you just need to do the opposite. Press F10 to save and restart the computer.

# 5. Epilogue

OK, above are the 4 simplest and most common ways to secure USB port lock and efficiency.

There are many other ways, but in general, they are similar, so you just need to know each way is more than enough.

Good luck!

Kien Nguyen – techtipsnreview

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