Disabling Startup Programs

When you install a program the default settings usually are to start the program when you login to your computer. For example if you install Nero at least three items start-up when you login. Nero secure disc, Nero check, and Nero Incd.  But seriously we do not need all these programs starting up and can easily disable them by using the msconfig command which will bring up the system configuration settings.

How does it affect the performance ?

If you disable programs from startingup when you boot up your computer you can make the entire start-up process quicker. The less items that have to be started, the faster your computer will boot up. If your computer does take a long time to start this could be the problem.It is common for programs to also check for updates every time you log in. Software usually gets updated once or twice a year, however it is checking for updates every time you start your computer. I never recommend disabling automatic updates for windows, but other programs are OK. For example I have a photo editing program I do not use much so when I disable programs from starting, this is OK to disable.

How Can we do it ?

Msconfig is the command that brings up the system configuration utility.

Press the WINDOWS Key and ‘R’ or simply go to RUN by using Start Menu . After the run dialog box is open enter msconfig

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When you have typed in msconfig into the run box the system configuration utility will appear.


  1. Once you have the system configuration window open, go to the startup tab.
  2. Here you will see a list of programs that will start when your computer starts. Simply un-tick the ones you don’t want.This will disable programs from starting.
  3. When you have finished choosing your programs, press apply and then OK.


Few Precautions

Here are few precautions that you should keep in mind while disabling the programs ,
  • Try not disable windows program and antivirus
  • Try not to disable drivers like sound drivers etc.
  • Try not to disable the program for which you are not sure .


Remember you can change the settings if you are not comfortable . Just open the MSCONFIG utility and tick the programs .

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