Download the most beautiful iPhone wallpapers in 2021

iPhone wallpapers will be featured through each iPhone or iOS version. Each new iPhone model has its own set of wallpapers for that iPhone. The whole iOS operating system, each time it is upgraded, has its own new wallpapers of that iOS version.

Not only iPhone, each Apple device such as macbook, iMAC, iPad has its own set of wallpapers. These wallpapers have been redesigned by the designers and turned into a separate set of wallpapers for iPhone. Please refer to the set of the best wallpapers for iPhone in 2021 below. Most of the wallpapers have been compressed, so if you want to download the default wallpaper set, please choose from the download link.

San Francisco font wallpapers for iPhone

The San Francisco font wallpaper set below includes a variety of color tones so you can match the color of your iPhone or iPhone case. They are designed with iPhone devices such as iPhone, macbook, airpod, Apple TV…

Download the San Francisco font wallpaper set for iPhone

Dual Color Wallpaper for iPhone

The minimalist wallpaper trend is becoming more and more popular, especially when many people want to change their screen with other widgets and icons. It’s simple, but it accentuates your screen arrangement.

Especially from iOS 14 and above, this Dual Color wallpaper pack will help split the layout of icons and widgets on your screen. So it is very suitable for those who are resetting icons and home screen icons.

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Download the full set of Dual Color iPhone wallpapers for iPhone

iOS 14 and Big Sur mod wallpapers

The set of wallpapers below are taken from iOS 14 and Big Sur wallpapers but have been re-colored and redesigned to make a difference.

Download iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur mod wallpapers

Land to Space Wallpaper iPhone

The wallpapers below have themes about space, galaxies, stars and planets. A basic wallpaper theme but redesigned with smart gradients to make the colors stand out more.

Download Land to Space wallpapers for iPhone

iMac 2021 has a new color scheme and wallpaper design for the first time. No longer mixed colors like previous versions, the latest iMac has a set of monochrome wallpapers to advertise its products.

Download iMac 2021 wallpapers for iPhone

iPhone 13 wallpapers, iPhone 13 Pro wallpapers

The iPhone 13 models introduced on September 14, 2021 come with amazing new wallpapers. If you want to set your phone wallpaper with the wallpaper set of the latest iPhone model, you can download it in iPhone 13 Wallpaper, iPhone 13 Pro Max wallpaper to download.

iPad Pro 2021 wallpapers for iPhone

On April 20, Tim Cook and colleagues announced versions for the iPad Pro product line. With Apple M1 chip, Thunderbolt support, 5G connectivity with mmWave band in the US.

The design of the iPad Pro 2021 is thicker than the 2020 version. Owns a Liquid Retina XDR screen with higher brightness, up to 1,600 nits. It’s a new mini LED panel with more than 10,000 lights and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

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Download iPad Pro 2021 wallpapers for iPhone

macOS Monterey Wallpaper for iPhone

In the macOS Monterey update, users will experience the SharePlay feature on FaceTime, the iMessage photo gallery, a group tab for Safari, and a new collection of macOS Monterey wallpapers. They have a resolution of up to 6k 6016 x 6016 so they will be suitable for all current iPhone models.

Download macOS Monterey wallpapers for iPhone

Above is a collection of the most beautiful wallpapers for iPhone, which are quite familiar sets of wallpapers if anyone is an Apple fan. There are also some redesigned wallpapers to match the arrangement and change of icons and widgets of users from iOS 13 and up.

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